Do You Believe Russia Helped Donald Trump Become President?

Fellow American,

Despite having zero evidence to support their claims, the mainstream media constantly rolls out headline after headline claiming that “Russian trolls and hackers” helped Donald Trump become President of the United States. 

Of course, they conveniently leave out the fact that eight days before the election, even the FBI concluded there was no clear link between Russia and Trump.

Undeterred, the liberals have gone so far as to accuse our President of being a Russian asset since 1987!

Is this attack fair?

Are you worried that somehow, some way that Robert Mueller will get President Trump to be removed from office?

Make your voice heard and vote in our nationwide poll.


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  • drbhelthi

    I assume that “Russia” is intended to mean the leadership of Russia, to include president Putin. None of the information I have read causes me to think that “Russia” assisted Donald Trump to win the vote for the POTUS slot. Rather, considering the ongoing subterfuge of Hillary Clinton in the sale of Uranium One to “Russia,” it is logical that “Russia” would prefer that Hitlary Clinton rather than Donald Trump had won the election. The ongoing subterfuge of Rosenstein-Mueller, and other Obama plants in the FBI-DOJ, fraudulent investigation of Russian influence and their collaboration with H. Clinton in the uranium transaction, suggests that a carefully planned distraction from H. Clinton has been underway for almost two years.

  • Jeanne Hogg

    No. Donald Trump worked practically every day campaigning all over the country. The American people were tired of putting up with oppression of their freedom to speak. Extreme political correctness had taken over during the Obama’s last 4years. Extreme social justice issues were rapidly implemented without any voice from the American people. Our countrys values were becoming unrecognizable. At the same time jobs were scarce money was tight and people were suffering. Obama had tuned out the real world however he stoaked racism. Donald Trump had his hand on the pulse of the country. Our country had been through a great deal of angst since 911 and we still were dealing with terrorism. We were told we needed to accept people from war torn countries whom we knew nothing about. Americans no longer felt safe or trusted their government to care to keep them safe. Hillary Clinton in all her arrogance committed a crime having her classified information on a private server. No one seemed to think that was a justifiable offense although many people had gone to prison for less of the same crime. Instead they trusted her to run for President in spite of all her lies and destruction of classified information. Donald Trump was the real deal. He was a man who was feeling what we were feeling and was willing to work to get rid of the Obama insanity. He is a patriot who loves his country has worked harder than the last 3 Presidents wasn’t a politician and had a vision much like the people who voted for him. The Russians had absolutely no involvement in why I voted for Donald Trump. In fact the first person who brought up Russia at all was Clinton during a debate. Now we know why. I will vote for him in 2020 God willing.

  • C. LeSaint


  • Smackey

    I did not vote for President Donald Trump as much as I voted against what’s-her-name and the liberal democrats. I have never regretted doing so. The Russians had nothing to do with President Donald Trump getting elected, but his opponents had everything to do with it. I will vote for President Donald Trump in 2020.

  • The only ones the Russians helped was Obama and Hillary, by taking over 20% of our uranium and Clintons getting 140 million and you know Obama is not going to get one cent less. Look what Russia did under Obama and look what Russia is doing under Trump and that is the answer. Obama caved and set red lines and looked the other way. Trump is standing up to Putin.

  • cp123

    No and he will win in 2020 as well. We are sick of the rhetoric and lies for so many years of democrat rule.

  • Big Ed

    Of course I am worried about the president being impeached because of the corrupt investigation that has been ongoing for almost two years. It’s not that I believe Trump did anything wrong, but I have noticed that wrongdoing has nothing to do with the sentences that are being handed down by our “corrupt law keepers”. Mueller is a total crook (read Louie Gohmert’s treatise on Mueller if you want evidence). Rosenstein is also a crook-he wrote a letter to Trump asking for Comey to be fired and then assigned Mueller to investigate whether or not there was obstruction of justice by Trump in firing him. How the hell can anyone expect justice when the cops are crooked?

  • Meg

    No. People are tired of the democrats. Just look at Michigan and Minnesota and that is the only reason you need to not vote democrat. Trump appears to be our only hope to keep our country.

    • metheoldsarge

      What this country has been caught in is a good old fashioned rut. One party makes all kinds of promises. When they get elected they go back to business as usual. The voters get mad and vote in the other party. Again we get business as usual. I believe that one of the reasons Trump is in the White House, is because of one thing the voters have started to realize. You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results.

      • Meg

        The dems and some repubs don’t want to give up their power. Most go in poor and come out rich. I can remember a time when they were for the people, but that was a long time ago. I don’t know how Trump puts up with all the hate they spew toward him. He is doing his best to serve the people, but the dems oppose him on everything. I have a feeling that after this next election, things will start to turn around. Hopefully more and more people will wake up. Congress needs to shut down the money for Mueller and see how fast he wraps up this phony investigation. What is it now, about 20 million or more of hard earned taxpayer money funding this fiasco.

  • metheoldsarge

    You can fool all the people some of the time. You can fool some of the people all the time. You can’t fool all the people all the time. More and more voters are starting to wise up to all the deception. Trump got elected because he is not part of the Washington establishment. Most of the politicians on both sides of the aisle refuse to accept that.

  • T Stewart

    Russia came in one night while we were all sleeping and rigged all the voting machines. Even rigged the ballots with wash off markers.