Christians Are Supposed to Be ‘Anti-Science’ But This Anti-Religion Bigot Can’t Do Simple MATH!

If you’re a Christian you know how we are utterly insulted and mocked in the mainstream media – we’re called stupid and anti-science by those who have no idea about the many Christian scientists and philosophers who produced so much of that science they supposedly love and admire.

If you want a great example, there’s this genius who proposed an insane conspiracy theory about the recent “Memories Pizza” debacle where a Christian business-owner said their faith wouldn’t allow them to serve a gay wedding. Supporters rose up and donated more than $800,000 to them after they had to close their doors from attacks by the gay lobby, but this anti-religion bigot saw through the scam easily!

The error-ridden and grammatically challenged message from “Kandyce Brothers” reads as follows:

gogfundme raised over 840k with almsot 30,000 donors. do the moath that would take each donor giving approx almost $29,000.00?????? oooh come on now that anyone belieces this wasnt a dirty GOP trick or garner support for conservatives. This was kock brothers funded and media manipulated to make liberabls look extremely bad. The right wing propaganda machin strikes again

Yeah, actually the math comes out to about $28 a donation. Thanks for the laughs genius!


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