Gay Marchers Were SO Proud of Harassing Christians, They Posted Video ONLINE!

After their historic victory at the Supreme Court, you’d think gay pride marchers would tone down their activism a bit, but as these videos and pictures show from a recent gay pride march, they seem to want to antagonize Christians who would disagree with them

In this video they drape a rainbow banner in order that Christians be hidden from their parade – apparently they can’t handle even the sight of the religious faithful:

That’s mighty tolerant! They also posted these pictures:

This one I found especially curious – what do you think the response might have been if this was a liberal black protester being harassed by white conservatives? I have a feeling it would get a little more coverage on the news:

After I began showing his picture around, Jeffrey made his Twitter account private and took the pic down from his Instagram. I guess it didn’t make the gay community look too tolerant huh?

They went after Christians of other ethnicities too!

One more:

We certainly appreciate the gay community showing the world exactly how tolerant they are of others’ views.


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