How Conservative Bloggers Took Down NBC News’ Brian Williams

NBC News is in panic mode since their anchor, in both senses of the word, Brian Williams first admitted that he had lied about being in a helicopter that was shot down by an RPG in Iraq, and then taking a break for a few days while the story settled.

But it didn’t settle. And you can thank Conservative bloggers for that.

Here’s a great video from the New York Times recounting how Williams’ RPG story evolved into a lie:

Way back in 2007, Williams had mocked bloggers for their lack of credibility, ironically, and they’re getting their revenge now. Bloggers began systematically searching through the online footprint of stories Bryan Williams told, and almost immediately they started piling on the original story.

My blog discovered a very odd story Williams told about gangs “overrunning” his hotel and his being saved by a policeman who became his friend – a very similar tale to the one that unraveled about Iraq.

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Got News first questioned whether Bryan Williams actually saw a dead body floating outside his hotel window in the French Quarter during the Katrina disaster.

My blog also discovered that he told two different accounts of seeing a man commit suicide at the Superdome.

And just recently I discovered this account of his supposedly receiving a piece of the helicopter that crashed in the Osama Bin Laden raid.

Meanwhile, the ratings of NBC Nightly News has collapsed by 37% on Friday, and many are beginning to wonder if Brian Williams, once a giant of national broadcast news, will be able to survive the storm.

And he can shake his angry fist at the “bathrobe bloggers” who kept the story alive.

What do you think? Has Brian Williams built up enough good will over the years to keep American’s trust and his job, or will he be axed? Let us know in the comments!


El Sooper is an anonymous blogger who has broken many national stories and battled the mainstream liberal lapdog pendejo media with his Mexican wrestling blogger moves.