Is Trump raising the threat of a trade war?

For free traders, the 2016 campaign was dispiriting. Free trade suffered repeated, unwarranted abuse from President-elect Trump, Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders, making it the truly biggest loser of the election.

Looking at what Trump’s done during the transition period, it’s apparent his trade protectionism was more than just campaign rhetoric. Shortly after winning, he announced he would withdraw the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership and he’s appointed several protectionist-leaning officials to lead key trade posts in his administration. Likewise, Trump hasn’t backed away from tariff threats against specific companies who make business decisions with which he disagrees. That’s put him at odds with Congressional Republicans who have long been stalwart supporters of free trade.

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  • toddyo1935

    It started with what I call “The Fontana Effect”. That was when GE closed its small appliance plant in Fontana, CA and moved it to Taiwan. Of course they took a $235 million tax write off while 1,500 employees were put out of work. According to Trump, this has been repeated 70,000 times since. Considering that every dollar of wages spent in a community, it recirculates up to nine times in the local economy. I wonder if American Spotlight has ever considered this.

    As we had less and less to trade with overseas countries, a tremendous deficit developed – far more money going out than coming in.

    What is it about Trump’s idea of developing a balance of trade – at least dollar for dollar or even profitable when we are helping another country reach industrial/service parity?

    There’s another aspect that must be considered – a proper philosophical outlook where money is the servant, not the master. See cause and effect charts.

  • gvette

    Free trade hurts the US. Just look at NAFTA!

    • JYuma

      You REALLY need to do some Studying on that subject.

      • gvette

        I’m looking at the what has happened. We now have the lowest worker participation rate since 1976. I guess you believe the Obama numbers. Silly you!

        • JYuma

          When did it drop? After 2008.
          I was ONE. So do not bring your False Bull Shit to me.
          I have asked to be Un subscribed from this site.
          Do not bother me, with your Bull. I won’t get NASTY.
          You Read ME? Bucko!

          • gvette

            Awww, when you don’t get your way, you leave. It’s a fact. Even you could look it up. Well, maybe not you.

          • JYuma

            Pardon my Error. That was not to be sent.

  • JYuma

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    May “GOD” Bless You before you Die.

    • The Redman

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  • The Redman

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  • Mikial

    So, whose side are you on, American Spotlight? Are you just a front organization for the Liberals? I bet most of you voted for Clinton or Bernie. Subscription canceled.

  • GayEGO

    Year right, a Trump term – biggest loser, or they lost badly. No, Hillary won the popular vote by almost 3 million and Trump barely won the electoral vote. Too bad Hillary took Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin for granted, otherwise she could have rallied there and gotten them to vote for her.

    • JYuma

      Get over it. Pull your head away from your Buddys catch.
      Read something for a Change.
      Like WHY heelers lost.
      All most Won only counts in Horse shoes.

      The Popular Vote does NOT count. However the Electoral College Does.
      Just Face It, Stop Sniveling.
      You Lost!!!!!!
      So did The DRUNK.

    • Tk Matthews

      No! thank God she lost !lol

    • JYuma

      heelers Won not a Damn thing.
      This Country does NOT Elect it’s President, by popular Vote.
      When you KEEP Carping that she one by another route ,you SHOW HOW COMPLETELY IGNORANT YOU ARE.
      She lost. Get over it.
      You Lost . Ever way you do not wish to accept it.

    • hobbybear2010

      Ah huh-and at the rate they keep finding voter fraud and are tossing demoncrats in Jail,I doubt she even won the popular vote .Three different big cities they have foung more democrat votes the voters,and so far up to 25 % of the voters were dead or moved. And no look up voter fraud on the on line and it verifies through court. A prime example is my home county Lake in Ill Big fight-30000 votes-republican,were “damaged” and a democratic voter board awarded them to the democrats [that also included Independents.] Add in California allowing illegals to vote[they are allowed to vote on up to the governor -but given full ballots including pres candidates-and gee guess what-they voted whole ballots. That too is listed on line-and some democrat s on way to jail]

      [ damaged-and the voter