KJU Swore to Shoot the Next Plane He Saw, Trump Responded

President Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un have been locked in a war of words for months, with each side upping the rhetoric on almost a weekly basis.

In late September, the North Korean regime threatened to shoot down American planes that flew near its territory. On Tuesday night, a group of American planes flew off the Korean peninsula, the U.K. Daily Mail reported.

Two United States B-1 supersonic bombers flew with South Korean and Japanese aircraft in a clear show of force directed at the North Korean regime.

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source: https://conservativetribune.com/trump-issued-order-bomber/

  • Pat

    Thank God we have a LEADER again……and not a ‘lead from behind’ America hater…

    • 5live5

      Actually I think the commies “lead” Obam from behind!!!

  • Nikita63

    FINALLY! Something or someone OTHER than a weak kneed career parasite who has an obvious DESIRE to Restore freedom Choices and equitIbility in all aspects of this country’s
    Sovereignty and with the guts to stand in opposition and MEAN it, when enemies threaten us.Withdrawal from UNESCO is a start, now we should defund the U.N and withdraw from it as they too ARE an enemy; one which seek to subvert our way of life and replace it with a World Wide Socialist Dictatorship on this soil. Under Obama, and his lt- Left Lunatic progressive parasites, that might have happened! It will NEVER happen as long as Trump is President and he is something we have needed for DECADES; A TRUE LEADER WITH NATIONAL SECURITY AND ECONOMIC INTERESTS AT THE FORE POINT AS IT SHOULD ALWAYS BE! PERIOD.Thank God he won the election! Can you imagine the damage which WOULD have been done to us all if the democrats and their Witch of Endor and the witch in waiting, Elizabeth Warren had been a cabal working together if Clinton HAD BECOME PRESIDENT? I SHUDDER TO EVEN THINK OF IT. AND SO SHOULD EVERY REAL AMERICAN CITIZEN WHO BELIEVES IN CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT, NOT THE SORRY EXCUSE WE HAVE HAD FOR IT SINCE THE ASSASSINATIONS OF THE KENNEDY BROTHERS AND DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING IN A FIVE YEAR PERIOD IN THE MID SIXTIES. WE HAVE DESCENDED INTO UNBRIDLED HEDONISM, UNCONSCIONABLE IMMORALITY AND DEPRAVITY EVER SINCE.

  • 5live5

    I hope PRESIDENT Trump applies his number nine to KJU’s brain. You know HIS A$$!!!

  • Gary VonPratt

    the ”’wait&see”’ past administrations have created this whole WAR PROBLEM!, NOW dims libs rePugs endorse ”’wait&see”’, until KJU N.K. lands a nuke on LA HOLLYWOOD then take action? ?real bright people?{it’s called *ignorant-stupid} ”A Country Set Up By Geniuses, BUT RUN By IDIOTS!!!”-libs dims rePugs #GO GET’em MATTIS!!! #anything that leaves the ground, TAKE’em OUT while it’s are over N.K.!!! *let their own stuff do the damage to’em!