Matt Damon, Russell Crowe Hid Weinstein Expose

According to former New York Times reporter Sharon Waxman, an exposé on Democratic mega-donor and top Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s alleged sexual harassment was squelched in 2004 after the Times was pressured by powerful people, including actors Matt Damon and Russell Crowe. The alleged serial sexual harasser also just happened to be a huge advertiser with the Times at the time the story was extinguished.

“In 2004, I was still a fairly new reporter at The New York Times when I got the green light to look into oft-repeated allegations of sexual misconduct by Weinstein. It was believed that many occurred in Europe during festivals and other business trips there,” explained Waxman at The Wrap.

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  • Sandy Archer

    Not saying all BUT most of Hollywood actors/actresses have no moral compass and think nothing of displaying their bodies like hookers on the streets. Seem to have the attitude “anything goes”. Sad that our young children see them as role models!!!

    • Gary Smith

      Well said

  • denoferth

    Both Damon and Crowe undoubtedly shared good old Harvey’s influence with the young ladies hoping for a “break” so know very well “It’s good to be the king”. I’ll bet quite a few in the business sold their soul to get “more ass than a commode seat”. One must only go back a little ways in history to find when actresses and courtesans were openly considered synonymous.

  • rick meek

    Hollywood and CA are the epitome of child molestation and even have passed laws to permit it…REMEMBER……………

  • DonRS

    Might be a good idea to see if the oh so politically correct Matt Damon and Russell Crowe have some very personal reasons to defend Harvey Weinstein. Could they have been “participants” in Weinstein’s swarays? Nothing like young girls!

  • J. P. Lynch

    Hollywood and all it’s actors is and always has been a cesspool of overpaid liberal
    degenerates! ! Weinstein was the leader of the pack!

  • glenda lafont

    Money rules in Hollywood. Everything is done for fame and fortune. What a sad state this
    country is in.

  • Ruben Ybarra

    He belongs in prison