Obama Pitches For More Refugees Days After Attacks

President Obama on Tuesday will lead a special summit on the need to take in Syrian refugees, just days after weekend terrorist attacks that are raising more questions about whether the U.S. should be cracking down on immigration instead of opening the doors further.

Plans for Obama to lead the summit were months in the making, long before Ahmad Khan Rahami allegedly planted a pressure cooker bomb in New York that detonated, injuring 29 people. Rahami, a naturalized U.S. citizen born in Afghanistan, is also thought to be responsible for bombs discovered in New Jersey.

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source: http://nation.foxnews.com/2016/09/20/days-after-attacks-obama-pitches-more-refugees

  • Kaywhever

    I thought Hillary was the dumbest person on earth , but Obama may have her beat.

    • Austinniceguy

      Actually she has said she wants to bring in at least 500% MORE savage animals than what the elephant eared moron in chief has brought in. Great idea since this is what that looks like in Europe…


    • Mike W

      She certainly out earned him. Since leaving the White House “Broke” she has amassed a fortune of $130,000,000, all the mansions and whatever is neatly tucked away in The Clinton Trust, I mean “Foundation” ;-). In all that time all Obama has managed to scrape together is $7,000,000. Not even enough for one of those mansions.

  • Austinniceguy

    Because this looks so enticing…


  • disqus_vzJKUSDnCH

    It sure sounds like when Carter was in office and letting the Cubans in the country except with this there’s a deadly twist to the mix

  • Evan

    Maybe some of obama’s muslim friends will soon go
    to DC and prove to the IDIOT they should NOT be here!

    • Robert inguaggiato

      They should move in with him in January

  • Last of the patriots

    I’m just wondering why someone hasn’t taken them out?

  • Alan Manisco

    THese aren’t people. THEY ARE ANIMALS. PURE EVIL. Why would anyone want this in their own country, in their own home towns??? Are people here that FUCKING stupid???

    • Rodney Steward

      Not the people, it’s the Gov., nut-less congress, and a mad man for a Prez!

  • Garrett Ritter

    Are we not a Nation of Emigrants.

    8 out 10 Technology Engineers are not American!!!!!

    • Robert inguaggiato

      Stop being so stupid

      • Garrett Ritter

        Wow!!!! U are lost as to what make this country great.

        Contact your GOP Representive….

        • Rodney Steward

          It wasn’t musims!

          • supernova500

            The average IQ of immigrants coming from Mid Eastern countries is approx. 82-84, Sudan 71 and Somalia where large refugee influx into the West at the low end of 68. The USA/Europe average 100-102. Hmmmmm. Assimilation problems plus any probable large contribution to Western intellectual growth is NILL. Hence….decades of leaching off the West is the writing on the wall !!

          • Rodney Steward

            But yet we’re the stupid ones for taking in these “people of piece” that want to kill us! Must be why the good Lord put an ocean between our countries!! And their IQ is approx. 82-84, it’s said that islam is for the weak minded, how true it is! Great post!!

    • Rodney Steward

      Are U American!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Garrett Ritter

        American with 30 yrs of service to this great Nation.
        A Nation of Emigrants!!!!!!

        • Rodney Steward

          What part of Europe telling us NOT to being in these gutter rats for our own good do you not agree with!

          • Garrett Ritter

            Europe is also a Nation of Emigrants!!!!!

          • Rodney Steward

            Sweden as we speak has just declared civil war on these made up refugees, they have just set fire to all the refugees camps, and has take in a 100,000, with another 90,000 on the way, but the 90 may now get in now! Site – Patreon.com/Next News! These SOB’s are not REAL refugees! Wise up Mr Garrett, thank you for your service, had 12 years myself!

          • Garrett Ritter

            Thank you for your service.

            Just a conversation as to Politics. Keep Healthy!!

          • Rodney Steward

            We are a Nation of Emigrants, but these people are not coming here to fit in and live the dream, but to push their twisted ideology, to control, push their laws and to achieve their caliphate! You take care Mr Garrett, Sir!!

  • Denise

    He is a blood thirsty demon.

    • jreg9304

      Obazo isn’t worth the powder to blow him to kingdom come. blood thirsty is not even on his agenda. he wants America totally destroyed, because he is nothing but a filthy muslime and should be treated as such!!!!!!!!!

  • Philip Allen

    No More Refugees here in America. They cannot and are not being vetted properly. That is why we have had all these shootings and bombings here in America, because President Barrack Obama has let all the illegal immigrants come in along our southern border. He also let criminals out of our prisons early resulting in criminals walking our streets and neighborhoods What did stupid a– Obama think was going happen. Criminals are behind bars and in prison for a reason. You don’t let terrorist such as Isis, Hamas , Al Quida etc. in our country period. These Terrorist Organization care nothing about human life or destruction. Just look around the world and see the beheadings and killing of human life they have taken. We have a dumb a– President that refuses to call the enemy what it is jihadist terrorism. Obama refuses to look at the number of lives killed, including Christians and Jews. Then he want to tell the American Citizen we need to accept more refugees. Is our President Nuts? I believe he is. I say Hell no to anymore illegals and refugees. It’s damn time to take care of American Citizens instead of the people from foreign countries. Hell No To More Immigrants and illegals.

    • NotJim

      “Is our President Nuts?”

      Sociopath. Saudi double agent.


    • Mike W

      He “Our President” is busy arranging votes.

  • brokebill

    Has to be stopped. Where is Congress? We need some time to absorb and restore sanity.

    • Mike W

      We have no legitimate government, they are all a bunch of crooks in league with each other. When they are spending trillions of dollars, who is accountable? How much do you think is skimmed off the top or returned as “kick backs”? We are being duped, these people should be on episodes of “American Greed”.

  • Flyby

    Even after the NY. and NJ. attacks obama continues on with his insane plan to disperse 110,000 more “refugees” like Ahmad Rahami among the us. No mention of where they’re to be placed, just that he’s sticking with his plan to bring in more of his brethren. It’s only because he’s a lame duck president that he’s going through with something the people clearly do not want.

  • Peter Smith

    Let’s just “deport” Obama and send him to ANYWHERE in the Middle East; Iraq, Syria, Turkey, etc. Then he can allow them (the refugees) to immigrate to wherever he winds up. If he pisses them off as much as he pisses America off, maybe they’ll end his suffering for us.

    • Mike W

      I don’t think he would be very welcome in Turkey.

      • Peter Smith

        I don’t think he’s welcome in the United States either. But Turkey is still a Muslim dominated country. He may not be welcome, but he’d have no problem fitting in, ……… you know, you’re right. Barack and Michael wouldn’t be welcome OR be able to “fit in” in the Islamic world. So much the better, send the two of them NOW.

  • Patriot

    I agree with him bring them over an help them out. They need our help. Really they do. I want to help out their poor souls. I really do.

    Line them up an have a 50 caliber at one end an BLOW. Their stinking pig. Heads right off of their SHOULDERS. OR PUT A FLAME THROWER RIGHT UP THEIR BUTTS. Thats what i would do.

  • Mike W

    Obama pitched for muslim refugees. This week it was announced that all Haitian refugees would be turned back at sea or immediately deported when they get here. I wonder what happened to “Wet Foot Dry Foot”? Of course the Haitian’s have been accusing Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation of stealing billions of dollars of U.S. Taxpayers relief aid after the 2010 earthquake. The Haitians have also been “banned” from Hillary rallies. Go Figure. Congress keeps sitting on their a**es and doing nothing about this. I hope wikileaks has some information for us, because apparently “our government” is too busy covering up for one another

    • supernova500

      Yes, it’s indeed pitiful that we have to rely on Wikileaks to give us information that our own government will not release. The transparency promised by the Obama Administration is full of crap. What is worse yet is the protection of Hillary Clinton by the FBI, the State Dept. and the pitiful Atty. General Loretta Lynch of our Dept. of Justice, shows just how far the “rabbit hole” goes in Washington.

      • Mike W

        When you look at the trillions of dollars spent by the government every year, who is accountable, what do the American People really know about where that money goes. How easy would it be to “skim off the top” – a few hundred million would be hardly noticeable or how much is returned in the form of “kick backs”. The Republicans and Democrats are a part of this. The Good ol boy network in D.C is full of career politicians that have been there for decades. Look at how wealthy they have all become. They didn’t get there on their $170,000 – $450,000 a year salaries. The reason they are ALL – again Republicans and Democrats alike – against Trump is he is an “Outsider” who threatens to expose them ALL.

  • yzwisey

    Pluck obama and his master’s tools.Why do Ismael’s children rage?..