Obama’s Speech at His ‘Counter-Extremism Summit’ Will Reassure Our Enemies

Obama spoke at the “counter-extremism summit” at the White House, but his words will not likely reassure the American people that he even understands the enemy we face in the war against terror.

Watch below:

Obama pretty much denies any religious element in the terror attacks, and his summit is supposed to concentrate on all kinds of “extremism,” in order to provide political cover for Muslims.

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Forget that Americans have been beheaded by ISIS, and ignore that they’re spreading their influence into Europe and other Western countries, because Obama is obsessed with focusing on Christian “extremism” from the Crusades 800 years ago. Good luck with that, Barry.

As long as he and this administration continue denying the real identity behind the threat we face, you can be sure that we won’t be defeating it any time soon.


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