Pelosi: Trump’s Immigration Principles Are ‘Trash’

House Minority leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi today described Donald Trump’s popular immigration principles as “trash” and as “brutal” towards illegal immigrants, despite repeated election results showing that voters want migration policies to be fair to ordinary Americans.

Pelosi spoke Wednesday, saying Trump’s immigration principles are unacceptable to illegal immigrants, which she dubbed ‘dreamers’:

They call them principles — unprinciples! — they are not principles, they are trash — are unacceptable to the dreamers and those of us who fight for them.

Democratic legislators at the Capitol Hill event insisted they would not compromise on their opposition to the principles, released October 8.

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  • Robert

    Nancy Prlosi, like many, is fighting desperately to hold on to her “job” in the U.S. Congress and will do or say ANYTHING to that end. Period. Next question.

  • Sid sees her

    If you are asking about obummers presidential credits, you are asking a question of impossible good answers. When he left the White House, he left it in a complete mess and hard to think of a human being living anything like that.

    • Gary Smith

      What credits making a mess of everything

      • Sid sees her

        That is my point, if there were any credits, they were negative. Sorry for your confusion.

  • fordfool

    hey Nancy, look what Americans wanted…we got it.
    You & miz ? forgot her name…..still thnk the Good Fairy will leave a quarter undr Ur pillow
    Ud called Urself a “Master-Legislature”….maybe some master but no trax Uv left xcpt bad models for a free and sovereign Nation…like the one we had before Mr Change.
    Tried & true, our Founders knew more than Ud admit…and by the way, WHO do U & Ur lefties think we are, taking in all 3rd world countries’ overflow? We’v been givng more care than a trifle…..we’re not the Emergency Room for the world. If U wanna see AMERICA in the future, spend a few bux,go to Mexico, that’s why THEY left! Carelessness,pity…..

    • Ursus_Indomitus

      Mr. Change. You mean Obamarx?

  • BonnLass

    Subject: Attention Chief of Staff-Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D., CA

    I think you should tell Representative Pelosi that she’s looking more like an unmade bed, and actually talks like she’s just woken up. It’s embarrassing to watch and listen to her. She doesn’t appear to be able to connect the dots, and perhaps YOU should take my unsolicited advice by speaking with the Democratic Party Leadership? Since you have been NADEAM ELSHAMI’s recent replacement as her Chief of Staff, you need to present her with facts. She certainly is NOT doing you or the country any favors. She can no longer say “She quit while she was ahead” which is no longer relevant. She should make it easier on the Congress and certainly on herself, by leaving without verbal fisticuffs to remain a losing California Representative, especially with hundreds of her constituents some who have lost their lives, and others their homes and precious family heirlooms. Those who have suffered from the fire catastrophes, THEY STILL HAVE THEIR VOTE but their precincts are ‘wasted’ which is synonymous with Pelosi’s behavior.

  • notalib

    Pelosi, the real trash in this country are liberal Democrats. And you are at the head of the list. Ca. is just about the largest overall swamp infected area of our country and it really needs to be drained.

  • Pat

    I hope the Democrats keep championing illegals (law breakers)….it will guarantee that they continue to LOSE elections…..

  • Pat

    Barack Obama gave a hero’s welcome to Bo Bergdahl the TRAITOR….now a judge has found him GUILTY of desertion……Why do Democrats HATE America so much?

  • Mike

    She has one thing that makes seance

    • Ursus_Indomitus

      Makes what?

  • Ursus_Indomitus

    Pelosi is an idiot. It’s common knowledge across the board. Only other idiots believe her.
    Too bad there are SO many other idiots in this country.

  • Ursus_Indomitus

    Boris Karloff just called. Said he wants his face back.

  • Richard

    Pelosi, your whole damn career has been nothing but trash. You have to be one of the biggest political embarrassments ever. You and your fellow democrats have done nothing for this country but sit on you’re asses and complain. Get out of the limelight now and save us all from your ignorant rants and insults that you obviously put a lot of time and effort in to, far more than you do on anything that could be helpful to this great country. LOSER!!!!!!!!

  • allen blaine

    These are not Trumps policies. These are laws passed by congress decades ago. One of the duties assigned to any POTUS is to ensure that the laws of the US are enforced. Obama did not do his duty and ensure that the immigration laws were enforced. Instead Obama made his own “law” by EO to enact the DACA program. So there is no DACA law. A POTUS can rescind any or all EO’s from the past presidents. Pelosi is an idiot. She actually wants Trump to break the law.