Pro-Trump Guy Says The WEIRDEST Thing To Dodge A Tough Question! Watch!!

In one of the more bewildering moments of what is already a bewildering campaign, Trump campaign adviser Stephen Miller made one of the weirdest outbursts in order to escape answering a very difficult question!

The rest of the CNN panel was just perplexed and confused by the yelling and weirdness of it all.

Watch below:

Somehow, Miller is able to pivot from a question about whether it was proper for Trump to attack Heidi Cruz by posting an insulting picture of her, to how many American girls are threatened by female genital mutilation because of immigrants.


It is really odd and ironic how he pretends he’s angry about “feigned indignation” by feigning his own indignation.

I also love how Miller gets incensed that no one is talking about Brussels, and Jake Tapper cuts him down saying, “we just did a whole segment on Brussels!’

What a crazy scene.


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