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Pro-Trump Guy Says The WEIRDEST Thing To Dodge A Tough Question! Watch!!

In one of the more bewildering moments of what is already a bewildering campaign, Trump campaign adviser Stephen Miller made one of the weirdest outbursts in order to escape answering a very difficult question!

The rest of the CNN panel was just perplexed and confused by the yelling and weirdness of it all.

Watch below:

Somehow, Miller is able to pivot from a question about whether it was proper for Trump to attack Heidi Cruz by posting an insulting picture of her, to how many American girls are threatened by female genital mutilation because of immigrants.


It is really odd and ironic how he pretends he’s angry about “feigned indignation” by feigning his own indignation.

I also love how Miller gets incensed that no one is talking about Brussels, and Jake Tapper cuts him down saying, “we just did a whole segment on Brussels!’

What a crazy scene.


El Sooper is an anonymous blogger who has broken many national stories and battled the mainstream liberal lapdog pendejo media with his Mexican wrestling blogger moves.

  • Big Deal.. This is all pig Slop and trying to keep a lie going

    • used_to_be_a_liberal

      Now let me making something perfectly clear about that with this, ok never mind, I forgot.

    • Bill Bruck

      The “understanding” stated in this meme is dead wrong. According to the United States Constitution, (It may be a big mistake, but I’ll just assume you know what that is) a child does NOT need to be born on US soil or authority and he/she needs only ONE parent to hold US citizenship in order to be a natural born citizen of the US. So the answer to the question is Yes, he could legally run for president. Assuming neither he nor his parents are felons, wanted for, or guilty of, crimes against the US and a few other conditions such as those. Ted Cruz meets ALL of the requirements necessary to run for president of the US. Just last week a Pennsylvania court refused to hear a lawsuit challenging his eligibility because the people bringing the suit displayed the same ignorance of the laws of the land as you do here. As much as I loathe the current Comrade-In-Chief and hate to defend him, this is exactly why the place of his birth does not matter. He meets the requirements also. The word “authority” does not appear in the text of the constitution. But the word “jurisdiction” does. This leaves a little room for interpretation but, to date, courts have, without fail, found in favor of candidates meeting the aforementioned qualifications because there are other documents, such as the Federalist Papers, that come into play as far as showing the intent of our founding fathers. The Bill of Rights contained in the constitution is a list of the rights afforded you and every American citizen by God and the founding document. People do themselves and this nation a great disservice when they are not well informed of these rights. Those that would subvert our freedom filled way of life capitalize on this very thing and gain more ground every day. If We The People do not wake up soon, our liberties will be a thing of the past.

  • myfordtruck

    maybe like the rest of us after the picture came out trying to smear Mrs.Trump Mrs Cruz is fair game they are just going to get used to it the are standing with their husbands

  • cbanalyst

    Every family, including Obama’s, must never be subjected to attack. It is un-American to do so. I myself, will not vote for a candidate that does so.

    • used_to_be_a_liberal

      like myfordtruck said, the wives are fair game if they campaign with their husbands. I will agree with you when it comes to the kids.

  • solog

    Has everybody forgotten what Hillary has done…but I agree about the media selecting specific things that they want to focus on. How about more focus on the emails, the lies and the President.

  • Texas Belle

    Stop with the trivia and focus on the real issues. The Media jump on every little thing and ignore the important ones, like Hillary being a serial liar.

  • stan lee

    No sooner than Donald made his nasty assessments of Carly Fiorina’s looks did I become sensitive to his insensitive characterizations of anyone remotely of a mind other than Trump’s mind. She was the first of individual character assassinations to practically all who were competitors standing on the same debate stage with Mr.Trump.

  • Original Anna

    I think Trump needs to get control over the protestors that are making a laughing stock of his rallies. First find out who the heck is sending them, it has to be Hillary or Sanders and ride the heck out of it. Every time these protestors come off looking like they are standing up for their rights and the people there for Trump come off looking like they can’t even get their right to hear Trump and than the media always makes it looks like it is Trump encouraging the protestors to be there when the protestors are being paid by someone to be there. Why can’t the police handle the situation, Gees, they have plenty of sports games with thousands of people who are drunk around all at one time and they seem to manage them, why can’t they manage these protestors.The concentration is on the ability of the protestors to interrup everything and win the game instead of Trump getting to speak to his followers with the followers actually hearing what Trump is saying without interruption. .Notice Hillary and Sanders don’t have to put up with these protestors crap with them dragging and walking on our flag and wearing a KKK hood, etc. You don’t see Trump supporters pulling this stuff at Hillary and Sanders rallies.