Sick Of Unending Huge Gov’t Subsidies? Only ONE Prez Hopeful Has Told Business Interests to Shove It

The presidential race is wide open at this point, and there are many contenders despite Jeb Bush and Hillary’s insistence that it’s just their turn. But on one important issue, only one of the contenders has told a certain business interest group to shove it regarding the subsidies that they suckle on from the federal government.

That guy would be TED CRUZ:

“How about we deal with the elephant in the room right away?” That’s how Bruce Rastetter, the agribusiness mogul who organized the summit and has a large financial stake in the continuation of the RFS, opened his 20-minute interview with the Texas senator.

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Sitting on a brown leather chair, Cruz took a sip of his water and crossed his legs to show off a pair of black cowboy boots.

“The answer you’d like me to give is ‘I’m for the RFS, darn it,’” Cruz responded. “That’d be the easy thing to do. But people are pretty fed up with politicians that run around and tell one group one thing and tell another group another thing. Then they go to Washington and don’t do anything they said they would do.”

“I’m going to tell you the truth,” he added.

Cruz is the sponsor of a Senate bill to repeal the RFS standard over a period of five years, so it’s no surprise where he stands. But he did not try to nuance his position. He said he’s against corporate welfare of all kinds and against the government picking winners and losers.



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