The New York Times’ Hit Piece on Scott Walker Totally Backfired On Them Over One Little Detail

When the New York Times’ Gail Collins set out to slam Republican Governor Scott Walker’s policies, she overlooked one little detail that has brought a brickload of ridicule and mockery on her head and the New York Times.

Her expose talked about how Walker ushered in an age of ignorance with the deep draconian cuts into the education budget in Wisconsin in 2010, stirring up many hateful feelings against the presidential hopeful. One problem – he wasn’t Governor in 2010.

Yeah. So that’s embarrassing:

Liberals are just so eager to smear conservatives, they don’t really care about the facts! In this case, the overwhelming mockery on social media forced the New York Times to admit it’s error.

But not before some lefty journalists took glee in mocking Walker:

Setting him up for this glorious rebuke:

Boom! That’s gonna be sore in the morning!


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