This Ferguson Protester’s Conspiracy Theory Is Even Crazier When He Mentions His Official Position

Ferguson protesters continue to persist in the myth that Mike Brown had his hands up even though Eric Holder himself admits that there absolutely no evidence for it, but one protester added that he believed cops being shot was just a conspiracy by the KKK or something. Because there’s no way that protesters who have looted and burned down businesses in their city would have ever tried to kill cops that they keep saying are racist and evil. Yeah, you won’t believe it.

Watch below:

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Two police officers were shot during a Ferguson protest, both will survive, but the event has definitely put protesters on the offensive. That’s no excuse for this man, who identifies himself as John Muhammad, and you won’t believe his official position – he’s a City Manager for a nearby city.

Now just imagine the kind of city that would have this conspiracy nut as their manager!


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