THIS IS Who Biden Supporters Are BLAMING For Him Giving Up His Presidential Hopes!!

In a very interesting interview with Nomiki Konst, a Democratic strategist and Biden supporter, she admits that the blame for his not joining the presidential race falls squarely on one group of people.

Watch below:

Yeah, she basically blames black people. 

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Now look, there might be a good reason why she thinks that Hillary has more support among blacks than Biden, but the point here is that when Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan dared to say that Obama won the 2012 election because of “urban” centers, the entire left-wing freaked the hell out and called them huge racists.

But when Democrats say the exact same thing, no one bats an eyelash.

Pretty incredibly hypocrisy, don’t you think?

What do you think? Would she have gotten any more press if she were a Republican saying this about a right-winger? Let us know in the comments!!


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