Three Facts The Media Won’t Tell You About The Guy Who Shot Two Ferguson Cops

The Ferguson protests took on a much more serious dimension when two policemen were shot during a protest with one sustaining an injury in the shoulder and the other being shot in the face. When a few days later a suspect was captured, the mainstream media made sure to keep a few select facts from the public to keep the Ferguson riots alive.

Here’s a report:

What isn’t in that report is the evidence Jeffrey Williams posted on his Facebook that points to his motivation to kill cops over the Ferguson protests. First there’s this post where he mentions the Mike Brown shooting:

ferguson looter 01

You think that might persuade some into thinking that he shot cops over Ferguson? If not, then how about this post where he says that he willingly joined a LOOTING in Ferguson during the protests about the shooting of Mike Brown:

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ferguson looter 03

If you’re still doubtful, how about this – his Facebook account has him being friends with two prominent witnesses of the shooting of Mike Brown, and the false originators of the “hands up don’t shoot” narrative:

None of these facts will be brought up by the mainstream media that will try to convince you that the shooting had absolutely nothing to do with the Ferguson protests.

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