Kim Jong Un Ramps Up Execution Of Opponents

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is using every tool at his disposal to purge political opponents, free thinkers, and those who dare to see him as anything other than a living deity.

“The heartless crackdown – spearheaded by the paranoid Glorious Leader himself – is leading to imprisonment, torture and even execution by firing squad,” reports The Sun. “The news comes as it’s revealed more and more people are now turning to traditional religions like Buddhism and Christianity – rather than follow the so-called Cult of the Kims.”

Human rights groups report that tens of thousands of North Koreans have been detained for refusing to serve in Kim’s glorious army.

Amidst growing tensions with U.S. President Donald Trump, North Koreans are beginning to see their Supreme Leader as infallible, if not entirely insane.

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  • SeanM62

    “Amidst growing tensions with U.S. President Donald Trump, North Koreans
    are beginning to see their Supreme Leader as infallible, if not entirely

    Don’t you mean “fallible?” And he seems to have some international company.

  • ED Ballantine

    OK, what’s it take to kill this chubby little bastard. I have sniper friends who could do it from over a mile away. The people of NK would be dancing in the streets…

    • William Anderson

      Somehow I think they would look pretty conspicuous in NK. He doesnot announce his schwedule and has bodyn doubles

  • Dealerdeb1

    Evil insane and def disposable

  • Richard Wittauer

    Maybe his people will wake up against his actions, and bring the country up so that they can start eating, and enjoy life a heck of a lot more than they are now.

    • Wenda Kennedy

      Dream on. Kim is supported by both China and Russia. Don’t you think that both countries would help Kim flatten anyone who rises up?

  • generalJed

    This is the type of gov’t that Hillary and the monument destroyers want us to emulate. She thought that she was “Queen of the Universe”. Do not EVER give up your guns, even when the gov’t threatens with long jail terms like they did in Australia. They will eventually find a reason to rouind you up like the Jews in WWII, even in Australia.. We need to leave Australia and let them find out what a nuclear attack from North Korea or China feels like, then a ground assault, with no weapons to fight them with.

  • william g munson


  • Wenda Kennedy

    I don’t think that Kim is crazy. Yes, he is probably a sociopath — a personality disorder. But, he knows exactly what he’s doing and he has a clear plan and path of behavior. His crazy talk is for show only. All he’s doing right now is buying time to perfect his weapons program. And he wouldn’t have those weapons IF China and Russia didn’t want him to have them. Things that were murky are becoming a lot more clear. China doesn’t want the North and the South of Korea reunited. They said so last week. They want that buffer. And they sure don’t want the capitalist commercial competition that would come with uniting the south with the north, on their south flank. Russia has been helping supply the engines for missiles from their old plants in Eastern Europe — that also came out last week. Those missiles Kim has been shooting off have both China’s and Russia’s finger prints on them. Kim is useful to both countries and they have him under their wings. Remember, all 3 of those countries are Communist — a system that benefits the top few and enslaves the masses!