Mattis Blamed For Pro-Trans Military Vote

Rep. Justin Amash said a request from Pentagon chief James Mattis prompted his vote to preserve former President Barack Obama’s  pro-transgender policies in the military.

In a July 16 Facebook post explaining his unpopular July 13 vote, Amash wrote:

On July 13, the House voted on an amendment offered by Rep. Hartzler. The amendment says that “[f]unds available to the Department of Defense may not be used to provide medical treatment (other than mental health treatment) related to gender transition to a person entitled to medical care” under the military health system … [Defense] Sec. [James] Mattis and the White House urged us not to adopt Hartzler Amendment [and] all the administration wants is three months to review everything.

So far, administration and Pentagon officials have not confirmed Amash’s claim of their opposition to the Hartzler amendment. However, on June 30, Matt ordered a six-month suspension of Obama’s rules, which were about to invite transsexuals to join the military from July 1. The suspension will give Mattis — and new appointees — until January 2018 to decide if the military will endorse the transgender ideology.

In contrast, Mattis ordered a six-month suspension of Obama’s rules on June 30, which were about to invite transsexuals to join the military from July 1. The suspension will give Mattis — and new appointees — until January 2018 to decide if the military will endorse Obama’s pro-transgender ideology.

Amash was one of 23 Republicans who voted with all lockstep Democrats to preserve the Obama-era transgender policy with a narrow vote of 214 to 209.

The Obama policy endorses the transgender ideology by validating and accepting recruits who believe their “gender” is different from their male or female body, and by also offering transsexuals free lifetime medical care — such as debilitating hormones and expensive surgery, despite the loss of military readiness. The new rules also enforce transgender demands by ordering servicemen and servicewomen to offer “dignity and respect” to transsexuals in their shower rooms and in their shared sleep spaces, while also telling transsexuals that they “are not required or expected to modify or adjust their behavior based on the fact that they do not ‘match’ other Soldiers.”

Hartzler’s amendment rejected the ideology of the transgender movement by prohibiting the use of taxpayer dollars to pay for the non-military medical task of converting physically healthy soldiers into transsexuals who face lifelong dependence on hormones and surgery.


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  • Gerry Costa

    amash has already proven what he’s all about and it’s not America and her citizens. I’ll believe this BS when we hear it from the “horse’s mouth”.

    • WilliamHarrington

      Gerry – You’re right. So far all we’ve heard from is the “horse’s ass” and we know what comes from that end.

      • Gerry Costa

        Perfect analogy !!!!!

  • Ralph

    Makes me wonder if these politicians have any backbone and if they can even think for themselves. I had a Chief Master Sargent ask me my opinion when I was a 2 striper, even though I knew he wouldn’t like it, I told him and explained why. He actually thanked me for everyone else said what he wanted to hear.

  • Dean

    Time to do a little cleaning out in the military. Those that sign up are to be defending our country, not being changed into pussies. If that is what those type like they can get out and fund their own sex change bills for the rest of their lives.

  • Frick

    NO on the “free lifetime medical care” How stupid are the idiots in dc? Pretty STUPID!!!!!

  • myfordtruck

    no on all transsexuals in military much less any help getting any help with surgery yo complete there change

  • Jacky

    I do not want this type of person in our military first off but –rest of your life is a joke —I served six years and the word then was free medical for life–that changed as soon as I was discharged –I now have a co-pay for every time I see any one– even routine check ups—-That being said what will Uncle Sam do when it really cost like a sex change that goes bad. We would be crazy to try and uphold life time health for some one gone thru a wiener take off or an add a dick to me either one.

  • Wyo proud

    Use these transgenders as targets and save money that way. We don’t need these weirdos in the military trying to get a free dick removal.

  • Dale

    All is not well with lobbying such as that. Is Mad Dog Mattis becoming social dog mattis?

  • dboss911

    what have we become. I can just see it. soldiers in drag. the enemy is trembling. mash 101 !

    • digby

      yeah, the Chinese will tremble with fear as the put a knife in the throat of a rainbow warrior

  • Buckeye conservative

    The military will be far better off without these people who can’t figure out who and what they are. Spend all sorts of money for strange surgery and complications and at the same time let troopers pay more for needed care for regular medical needs. Don’t let them in and if once in they say they are transgender folk – – kick their a$$ out on a general discharge without benefits.

    • maxx

      During the operations it might be a good time to make a mistake and do a “lobotomy” instead. That is where the problem really is found; the skulls of liberals.

  • Jmanjo

    Seems like Amash needs his head examined. He is on the wrong team or he has a hidden agenda. Either way we don’t need him making legislation if his head isn’t on straight.

  • Charles Covington

    amash or awash he needs to take his queer ass home, he doesn’t need to be voting on things of this nature, unless he does what , is in the best interest of the country

  • sandraleesmith46

    Either Amash grossly MISUNDERSTOOD Mattis, or doesn’t get what a moratorium is about! STOPPING the progression of that policy doesn’t show me he’s endorsing it in any way.

  • 4bills4

    Hopefully that Judge get his with the Trans. We need real men in the Military if their not keep
    your mouth shut and act like a man till your enlistment is over. Men do not want to have to put up with this stuff and the Heck with PC…………..

  • Branwen

    The US Military bases their guidelines of healthy military members on medical science, which defines healthy men & women. Where a female w/a certain percentage of body mass would be considered over-weight & unhealthy/unfit for service, the male at the same body mass is considered healthy & fit for service. These parameters change & fail, the moment transgender persons are considered. Aside from tasking all US tax-payers to support w/o their consent, the sexual transitioning, surgery, counseling, medications & hormones, of any in the US military choosing gender re-assignment, this transgender policy creates a huge issue within the US Military guidelines based on male & female only members. Medical science long established the healthy guidelines for the male & female. The LGBTQ policy in the US Military requires that science redefine all 69-70 LGBTQ for purposes of being used in the US Military. Medical science has not yet proven matters in the LGBTQ arena definitively & there has been little funding & support for same. To stand properly, the same science that proved men & women healthy, need be applied to prove the LGBTQ healthy; & then providing the scope & boundaries of healthy definers for each of the 69-70 LGBTQ. These scientifically proven definers are necessary for the US Military, US & State Government, Business industry, & Judicial system, in order to address health, proper provision & treatment, & stand able to address any issues of discrimination & sexual abuse. Failure to fund, await & then use fully applied scientific findings, leaves the US Military & Nation standing unprepared & unequipped to meet needs of duty & the needs of the service personnel.

    • Richard Pope

      . . . . By definition homosexuals and the others of that ilk are very sick individuals. They need our understanding and compassion but they also need to be told the truth. They all need immediate professional psychiatric and psychological care. These two items along disqualifies them from serving in the military. If this had taken place while I was in the AF I would have left at the first opportunity to do so.
      GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

      • Branwen

        The Constitution empowers Congress to form an Army & Military which is able & ready to serve. Therefore, to enter the US Military “needing” gender re-assignment disqualifies the individual for service. Truth should be spoken to all persons. Science provides factual data which upon majority peer review, holds basis to speak greatest truth to the largest number & remove need for debate. Much could be solved nationally & globally, were everyone to base their conduct & decisions in factual science definitively proven, along w/US & World Law, rather than desire, emotion, & feelings. Upon review of the differences in physical ability between male & female (and this spoken as a woman), it should be obvious that there are clear boundaries to the ability for women to serve in the military w/o increasing risk to those with whom they serve in certain areas.

        Facts through science & physics being most fully applied, have the ability to stop debate, increase the ability to strengthen the US Military appropriately, save tax funds, & re-draw defining boundaries to duty & service. The US Military is not the place for social experimentation & inclusiveness. The US Military per the Constitution is for the ready defense of the nation & her people. Ready defense requires the majority of service be invested in defensive training & deployment, etc., rather than inclusiveness training based in political correctness. The Gov’t is placing politically correct gender training & medical above: (copied excerpt) “…spending billions on a radical medical procedure when the same amount could buy a Navy destroyer, 22 F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Planes, 3,700 tomahawk missiles, or 116 Chinook helicopters. After this, Congressional conservatives who stood with Hartzler will — and should — question the extra $80 billion in defense funding Congress asked for in its latest defense budget. Does the military really need it if they’re willing to spend $3.7 billion swapping people’s parts — instead of buying new ones for planes and tanks?” When gender surgery requires the majority of the year be invested in the re-assignment process, this again clearly fails to uphold the grounds for healthy duty & service in the US Military. Copied Excerpt: “Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-Mo.) never served in the military — but she’s one of the strongest warriors you’ll ever meet. And during yesterday’s debate over the National Defense Authorization Act, that’s exactly what America needed. While other Republicans ran and hid, she stood in the fire, fiercely determined to stop what Barack Obama started: the decimation of the world’s greatest fighting force. Unfortunately for our men and women in uniform, not every Republican cares about national security as much as Hartzler does. When the Missouri congresswoman tried to stop the runaway train of transgenderism, 24 Republicans said, “No thanks. We’d rather fund Obama’s political correctness than restore the military.” By a 214-209 vote, they told troops, taxpayers, and Trump that they’d prefer to spend $3.7 billion on gender reassignments than the military’s own assignment: to fight and win wars.”

        Read more at: “GOP Tanks Ban on Military’s Gender Surgery,” July 14, 2017 @

        • Richard Pope

          , , , , Well said. You stated the physical side of the argument. There is also the physiological side of this argument. As I stated they are very sick to begin with. It is a scientific fact that almost all of the transgender people either fall into a deep depression and try to kill themselves, drop out of society, or want to go back to the gender that they are right from the beginning of conception.
          . . . . Do we really want a physiologically damaged person to be put in a life and death situation with a loaded gun or worst yet a tank or airplane? I don’t! It is stupid and dangerous.
          . . . . These adults that are telling their children that it is ok to be a girl if you feel like it or in the case of little girls it is ok to be male if that is what they feel like. All children go through a stage of confusion and an experimental stage towards sexual identity. If you just continue to love, support them in a healthy manner, teach them, and guide them they will be fine.
          . . . . I have mixed feelings about females serving in the military. Like you stated women and men are physically and physiologically different from each other. Of course there is a certain amount of overlap.
          . . . . Women produce the children to allow our species to continue. They have to put in a huge investment in time and energy to produce a child. This is why until just recently it was up to the man to produce and bring home what is necessary for a family to grow and thrive.
          . . . . It was also his duty to protect his mate and children from harm. It was the duty of the woman to nurture and care for the children. It also requires a father and a mother to ensure that the children grow up properly. Being a wife and a mother is the most important career that any woman can take up.
          GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

        • maxx

          Explain that to all the homos in Congress. If that number were disclosed people would be shocked how many there are. D.C. better known as Den of Corruption is where all of this madness is allowed to continue.

    • maxx

      The cost of the (alleged health care service) should be posted far and wide all over the internet to show taxpayers what these mental misfits are costing us. If that doesn’t get a lot of people riled up, nothing will. Sex change surgery should not be considered health care, and if they are mentally ill they should not be in the military at all.

  • katfan

    Sounds to me like these individuals could be excluded from the military due to failing a psychological evaluation. If they don’t know what gender they are, maybe they can’t figure out who the enemy is either. Sounds like a bad situation on any battlefield.

    • maxx

      These “freaks” never get to the battlefield. I doubt the last guy that was reconfigured spent any time actually “on duty” of any kind.

  • phil62

    Beware of the evil people that call good bad and bad good. Keep on going ’cause hell ain’t half full yet. At the rate this world has gone since the flood, and especially the way it has all turned around 180 degrees in the last 12 years, it is almost a certainty that hell is going to be a great deal more crowded than all of Heaven put together.

  • maxx

    All 23 Republicans (Rinos) need to be removed by the states they are from in 2018. I hope conservatives in all 23 states keep the list and make sure to spread it around close to the elections. Be a good thing if the NRA is alerted of the 23 traitors too so they can campaign against them.