1956 Photo That Would Enrage Liberals

These days, public displays of Christian faith are frowned upon. Heck, any Christian who makes a big deal about using “Merry Christmas” as opposed to “Happy Holidays” is subject to tut-tutting by the media.

It wasn’t always this way, though — and a photo from New York City in Easter of 1956 proves it.

Take a look at this photo from Holy Week during the remembrance of Jesus’ death and celebration of his rise from the dead back then, in the city that would arguably become the center of liberalism in the 21st century.

Beneath the picture from New York’s Financial District is a contemporary newspaper article which describes the buildings lit up with the sign of the cross.

“Huge crosses, formed by lighted windows, blaze above New York’s skyline as part of an Easter display in Manhattan’s financial district,” it read, according to Snopes.

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  • Whatever

    How about shoving a 6 ft Christmas tree up your anti-American asses. Fakes and snowflake.
    Perhaps it is time to rid the world of left leaning media. All LIARS.
    PROVE me wrong assholes.

    • Californiasailor

      Now there is a thought….wasn’t there one killed back in 1973? by a car bomb? I am going to research that for sure….

    • Bruce Weatherly

      Heil Hitler!!!!

    • Bob

      Only a six foot. These homos wouldn’t even feel it.

    • The fact that you used the word asshole proves you are wrong and an asshole.

  • Bruce Weatherly

    I am liberal and use Merry Christmas to greet friends and have yet to be chastised for it. As for the picture, there is a big difference between a Government building and a high rise in one of our many cities, you know separation of church and STATE not church and business… San Francisco, if not the most liberal city in America certainly in the top three, decorates each and every Christmas. It is distortions like this article presents that have divided American. It certainly isn’t reality.

    • Bruce where have you been the last many years, when people started kicking God out of our country and it certainly is a reality. Some people seem to have built a wall around themselves to keep reality out, I think its because they have an easy life and want to keep it that way.

      • Bruce Weatherly

        Not me. I have done all I can to protect religious liberty by insisting on a separation of church and state. The more you invite the devil into your house the harder it is to exercise the devil out. I not saying the U.S. Government is the devil, but they don’t need to be in Gods house. If they are how long will it be before they govern what God can say. I see religious symbol and celebrations all over California I do not see them on Government property without an ensuing fight. This country was founded by some who were very religious and some who were not. The separation of church and state insure both side remain a viable part of our country. We are less religious today than we were 25 years ago and that troubles me. Having religious symbol in our capital building is not going to change that. I can make my family go to church, but I cannot make them believe and the hatred they see every day in the news certainly doesn’t help my case. You want to save Christianity try practicing Christian values.

        • I do practice Christians values, I try to be a good person, helping others where I can and most of all asking God for his help in helping me be a good person. This I believe for sure that after all is said and done God wins in the end and we who are Christians followers of His Son will thank Him profusely forever in His Kingdom.

          • Bruce Weatherly

            Please do not think I was referring to you. What I see is things like Charleston, Virginia and the hate being spewed and then I get an e-mail condemning the left in Gods name. I am a liberal, because I know in my heart that is what God wants me to be. When people condemn a person who crosses a border so they can feed their family it certainly isn’t part of God plan. God never drew any border. When the word was spread it crossed all borders. God has never said feed the American and let the Mexicans starve. God didn’t make theBlack man 2/3 human to justify slavery man did. Black didn’t get on a cruise ship to America. If you don’t like what you see coming from the Black community blame America for turning a bling eye to their plight until their plight started spilling into our White neighborhoods. Christians have an obligation to stand united against all the evils within this country. I hate the drug problems we currently face, but criminalizing drugs have only led to more and more people having felonies on their record. Try and get a job with a felony conviction.

            It isn’t you by any means. It certainly isn’t Christianity. It is people that in the name of God try and sell a political view point. Don’t allow them to do it. Keep God out of Government and please for the sake of God keep government out of your church.

  • 2nation

    I would like to know where all the left get their numbers from, about Pre Trump and the job that he is doing, because I and everyone I talk to or hear from say that he is doing a fantastic job, and if the dam Democratic would work a littel and stop feeling sorry for them selfs, a lot more could be done for our Country, because right now they are only hearting the people.

    • Bob

      Where you say? from their filthy mouths. The worthless brain dead sub humans

    • Fred

      Why should they? The Ripofflican party as a whole made it their main purpose in life to derail the Nobama administration before the man even took office! I believe it was the top Republican in the House in late ’08 who said “We (Republicans) are going to do our best to make sure this administration fails”.

      • Well than they sure did a good job because his 8 long terrible years in the white house was a disaster for our country in more ways than one.

  • France Murcheeuh

    Kid rock for Senate!!

  • I’m gonna get a little gold guillotine and hang it on a chain around my neck.

  • George T Horvat

    “WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO US????” Just maybe it was whatever comes up from out of Hell!

    • Yeah, like Satan himself is trying to take over the entire world and is using Muslims to accomplish this.


    What year was the Empire State Realty Trust incorporated?

  • metheoldsarge

    Atheists and Muslims would be screaming bloody murder if that happened today.

    • Yes and we the majority with a yellow stripe running down our backs would give into them as we have done hundreds of times now.

  • eclemensen

    I get a kick out of the right calling out the left about Christmas It is the commercial right that starts putting up Christmas decorations just as soon as Halloween is over so they can steal more money from the people. It is the right that brought back retail black Friday. It is the liberals that finance the soup kitchens for the poor and people on the street at Christmas, not the right. It’s liberals that put toys in the Marine Corps boxes for children during Christmas. AND it is the liberals that Like Jesus try to get health care for the poor. Certainly not the right.

    • Are you trying to tell me liberals are good people and we Christian conservatives are bad, because if you are your completely insane.

      • eclemensen

        Christian conservative is an oxymoron. Eight different places in the Bible says Do unto others as you would have them do unto yourself. NOT do other under before they can do anything. Health care Jesus knew he was going to die by helping the sick, Republicans say healthcare is to expensive to take care of others. ninth commandment do not curry false testimony. Republicans tell the truth if it works for you , but if it doesn’t lie like a rug. Example Trump more people were at my inauguration then any other in history. do not covet the right coveted the presidency all the time Obama was President OH by the way Trump said that his 2.4 GDP was the best they had in years Obama’s averaged 2.6. I know you won’t look it up . but you could.

        • I do believe we are on opposite sides when it comes to what is good or bad for America.