A Muslim World War Has Begun in the Country Called a Foreign Policy ‘SUCCESS’ by Obama Administration

I have to believe that if a World War begins centered in a nation that has fallen into the hands of your terrorist enemies that you might want to call that country a foreign policy and counter-terrorism failure.

If you are inclined to do that, then you would make a terrible White House Press Secretary because that’s like the one and only line in the job description:

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Basically the job calls for bald-faced lying and saying the most ridiculous things that run counter to basic common sense, experience and normal observation in front of a lot of cameras and reporters.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia has begun bombing the Iran-backed rebels in Yemen in an attempt to head off any threat to their sovereignty from their historical and theological enemies. At the same time, we’re actually helping Iran by bombing ISIS terrorist targets in Iraq to take back Takrit.

Sounds like a complete success to me!


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