According To WAPO Trump Is Jealous Of Bezos

Washington Post senior editor Marc Fisher recently spoke to CNN where he stated President Trump’s attacks on Amazon began due to the fact that Trump has a “jealousy issue” with Jeff Bezos.

Fisher stated, “You can make the very same correlation looking at some critical Washington Post stories that somehow get under the president’s skin and then he immediately attacks the Washington Post and Amazon, pretending they’re one and the same, when in fact they happen to share an owner, but nothing more.”

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“But what’s really going on here is that the president, according to some people inside the White House, has kind of a jealousy issue with Jeff Bezos, where Forbes came out recently with its new list of the wealthiest billionaires. Jeff Bezos is at number one, and the president is at number 766. He has had a long-standing obsession with that Forbes list and doesn’t like where he is on it.”

“And then there is another issue, which is a cultural one, Donald Trump doesn’t use a computer, has never sent an email, so the whole idea of e-commerce is something he just doesn’t get. He’s a bricks-and-mortar kind of guy.”