After ISIS Captured and Executed His Son, This Man Took His Revenge

Eighteen-year-old Ahmed Basil Ramadan was working undercover for the Iraqi government, trying to infiltrate the ISIS terrorist security force, when he was captured by the jihadists. They decided to make an example of him and seven others, all identified as undercover Iraqi police.

ISIS militia dressed the men in bright orange uniforms, like Guantanamo inmates. They handcuffed their hands behind their backs, and took them to a quiet area under the city, in an area that appears to be below a highway near a river. Behind each man stood an ISIS fighter with a hand on his neck, forcing him to march. Then they made the prisoners kneel down, and they shot them all.
After the massacre ISIS disseminated video of the executions all over the Internet. They titled it “Day of Revenge.” The video listed the names of each of the victims. ISIS also published a series of still photos from the video (some of which appear here).
When Ahmed Ramadan’s father, who is in his sixties, saw the video, he determined his revenge. Basil Ramadan went to an ISIS checkpoint in Tikrit, a city northwest of Baghdad under terrorist control. There, he grabbed an AK-47 and started shooting. He managed to kill seven terrorists before he, too, was killed.

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