Huh? This Is How France Responds To Islamist Threat

France continues to be one of the Islamists’ favorite threat as more and more attacks take French lives. You might expect that there would be a severe crackdown on Muslims that might be harboring Islamist thoughts in France.

But instead of taking a hardline in that respect, France is banning the “Burkini” – a bikini with the overprotecting design of a Burkha.

From ABC News:

The French resort of Cannes has banned full-body, head-covering swimsuits from its beaches, citing security reasons — a measure some are decrying as a discriminatory anti-Muslim move that only worsens religious tensions.

The ban on so-called burkinis, at the height of the French Riviera’s vacation season, comes as France remains on edge after deadly Islamic extremist attacks in nearby Nice and on a Catholic church in northwest France.

Cannes Mayor David Lisnard issued an ordinance in late July forbidding beachwear that doesn’t respect “good morals and secularism.” It notes that swimwear “manifesting religious affiliation in an ostentatious way, while France and its religious sites are currently the target of terrorist attacks, could create risks of trouble to public order.”

A City Hall official said the measure, in effect until the end of August, could apply to burkini-style swimsuits. Violators risk a 38 euro ($42) fine.

The mayor calls the burkini “the uniform of extremist Islamism, not of the Muslim religion.” In an interview published Friday in the Nice-Matin newspaper, Lisnard said the measure could also apply to saris worn by Indian bathers, because the clothing could hamper rescuers’ efforts to save them in an emergency.

Uh this is all well and good but it really seems like the French are not taking seriously the existentialist threat they’re facing from Islam these days.

Europe is being attacked over and over while they bring in more Muslim refugees, and day by day their culture and identity is being subsumed. And their response is to ban the burkini?! Good luck with that, Europe…


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  • Jonathan Hughes

    France: Muslims are the problem, not a man made thing.

  • Rochelle Weinbaum

    Maybe the French are drinking too much wine and eating too much escargot so that they do not realize the crimes and dangers posed by ‘bs/’ms/’la/’la/’mams and their zombie ilk followers and sympathizers.

  • Ron C

    I’m surprised it hasn’t been reported that the French authorities are holding down the victim’s for the Islamist…after all that would be the politically correct thing to do, so the ISIS fighters feel welcome.

  • Fred

    That’s dumb. Stop letting unvented Muslim in the country.

    • Snyder M>D>

      …oh..wait..that’s what the USA’s doing

  • gvhparkridge

    Vote Trump

  • Robert Robertson

    Their cheese has fallen off the cracker.

    • Front Sight

      Limburger, because it stinks.

  • stadalberts

    Well, during WW2, France had all of their tanks outfitted with three gears in reverse, and one in forward in case they were attacked from behind, so…..

    • james chavis


    • Front Sight

      It was in case they were attacked in the front. The French could retreat easier.
      What di the French say when Hitler invaded?
      I give up!

  • Easy Ed


    • Francisco Machado

      For a moment it crossed my mind that, were everyone required to fly nude w/ no carryon, it could virtually eliminate the need for TSA inspections at airports – then an image of Hillary C. crossed my mind and I decided against the idea.

      • ARJAY

        Except SHE does not use public transportations, you know, the transportation “us LITTLE people” use. I’m SURE they use their OWN jets to travel, even though they are BROKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • jaybird

          They probably use ours or at least make us pay for the fuel.

    • james chavis

      I’m going to google burkini, but a topless Muslim women at a topless beach? That’s called vetting!

  • Dan Menard

    It is no surprise to me that the French nation as a whole is not engaging with its known enemies. Look who had to rescue France and Paris from its last enemies, the Germans.
    A small resistance group made the Germans aware they were not accepted by all, but for the most part, Germany had its way with the nation, the government and it citizenry. Why sould we expect this to be anything different? They have a live and let live attitude where anything goes as long as they are not bothered too much! Viva La France!

  • Thomas Young

    If anyone can do something that’s backward — and self-defeating — count on France to do it, a fine French tradition of “retreat-to-defeat” for centuries.

  • Chris Robinette

    Ban the “Burkini”? Is that the response France has for all the attacks in their country? Are they our of their fucking minds? Ban something but NOT a “burkini” Ban the Burqua or ban all the refugees, Ban anyone who has been in country for over a year who still has not attempted to accept French culture, language or laws. Raid every Mosque where sharia law is being practiced. Arrest and immediately deport the “Sharia” patrol members. Random weapon search of every mosque and should weapons ever found that mosque is shut down and leveled to the ground.

  • Richard Nicoletti

    France has always been a wuzzie country. During the 1936 Olympics, as the French contingent passed by Hitler’s seat, the French flag was lowered to the point that it was dragging on the ground. Then the good ole USA had to rescue them from Nazi occupation. They are a country without balls.

  • Joe

    Europe better wake up fast and throw this garbage out of there country’s and soros to.