Agnostic Vegas Survivor Now A ‘Firm Believer In God’

On Sunday, a man identified as Stephen Craig Paddock unloaded gunfire into the Las Vegas Route 91 Harvest country music festival crowd from a 32nd floor hotel window, killing a confirmed 58 people thus far and injuring at least 400 others. The gunman was found by police dead from an apparent suicide.

Thus far, reports of heroism from concert attendees and brave first responders have flooded the internet. In an interview with CNN, Vegas massacre survivor Taylor Benge told some tales of such heroics, and explained why he, a self-declared agnostic, is now a “firm believer in God.”

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“I was agnostic going into that concert and I’m a firm believer in God now,” said Benge on Monday morning. “Because there’s no way that all of that happened and that I made it and I was blessed enough to still be here alive talking to you today.”

Benge also spoke of his brave sister, who risked her own life to protect him from potential gunfire.


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