Alec Baldwin Is Horrified Of Trump

Actor Alec Baldwin who was recently questioned by reporters stated he was “horrified,”that Donald Trump is still the President of the United States.

When talking about the potential 2020 candidates, Baldwin stated, “I’m hoping that someone that isn’t necessarily clearly on the horizon right now would materialize because I don’t think anybody that’s a frontrunner now of the top six, seven, eight names that I’ve seen, I don’t think any of them is going to have an easy time of it.”

“Every day I wake up, I still am horrified. I feel like I’m in some dream that Trump is president of the United States. I almost can’t even say it.”

  • Erin Larson

    What an idiot.. Of coarse he is afraid of Trump.. He is a globalist puppet like much of Hollywood; their creepy little pedophile world is going to come crashing down soon.

    • Kurt

      I couldn’t agree any more with you



  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    Only a fool would be afraid that things are improving under President Trump’s
    leadership. It is like “Everything is going good, so let’s mess it up”. Let’s go backward
    to a time when we had high unemployment, higher taxes, depleted military, unchecked
    immigration, bad stock market, no respect at the UN, bad trade deals, bad Iran deal.
    Yes, I can see that there is much to cry about, Alec.

  • kbmiller

    The FAT SLOB Baldwin is afraid he’ll lose his job on SNL in 6 yrs. when Pres. Trump’s 2 terms are over. Keep replaying the videos of Alec Baldwin berating his daughter and you’ll see what a low class, f’n JACKASS he is.

  • Fool!. A dirt-bag like Baldwin ought to grow up, and if he doesn’t like the free and democratic election which put trump into office, then maybe he should just get the hell out of America. I’d love to say “good riddance” to another Hollywood fool (along with Matt Damian and a handful of others).

  • Kstar

    Alec Baldwin—ha, ha, ha is just another whining left wing liberal moron Hollywood actor who thinks he’s really funny. Has no clue that real Americans laugh at him and not at his so called skits of hatred. He’s just a joke to us who won’t waste our valuable time on that stupid show.
    Alec if you’re so “HORRIFIED” of our God appointed President Trump—then take your ugly self out of our America and go to your nearest commie country and stay there because you will not be missed here by true Americans.
    God Bless our Great President Trump!!!

  • jamesxxx

    I think he is horrified at how much he has accomplished while Baldwin churns out hot air

    -less taxes
    -low unemployment especially with blacks and Hispanics…17 year low overall
    -1.9 million jobs added
    -good economy
    -high market… up six trillion dollars
    -negotiating with countries for fair trade balances
    -attempting to control influx of illegals/terrorists
    -has defeated ISIS in many areas
    -has greatly diffused NK situation. They were saying they
    would burn us to the ground. etc etc… only president to bring NK to bargaining table.
    -4.5 % GDP growth …
    -Consumer confidence is at 18 year high
    -U.S. Workers Report Highest Job Satisfaction Since 2005
    – Boom Times: 83% execs say business is better, 76% see more growth
    – Unemployment claims plummet to 49-year low
    -U.S. adds 201,000 jobs as
    worker wages accelerate to nine-year high
    –Small business optimism surges to highest level ever, topping previous record under
    – Hispanics flourishing in Trump economy, Ortiz, The Hill
    -Jobless record low
    -stocks record high
    -household net worth: $107 trillion
    -7.1 million jobs
    available… all time record

  • Chuck

    I’m horrified by Alec. Can’t stand him !!!

  • fbair1

    Alecare you a moron or what. Your acting is bad enough, and now your trying to act again……

  • Ddenney1

    And if Trump wins in 2020 he will leave the country AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why does anybody ask this A hole questions!! He attacks the poppa-racy(ok that’s understandable) but remember his recordings of berating his daughter or the accusations of abuse of his wife or his many arrests?? Talk about UNHINGED??????

  • denoferth

    Must suck to have a leftist’s mind like Alec’s. With all his wealth and advantages all he can do is try to tear down America and remake it into a Marxist ideal that never existed in the first place.

  • metheoldsarge

    If Alec Baldwin’s brain potential was dynamite, I doubt there would even be enough to blow his nose. He should stick to drama because he stinks as a comedian. There are people who actually listen to this egotistical blow hard with a superiority complex. Alec Baldwin is just another shameless grandstander from the Hollywood Left. A legend in his own mind. His only job is to entertain. We spend our hard earned money to watch him in movies or on TV.

    The only time he sounds intelligent is when he portrays a character. That is because he is speaking from a prepared script that he memorized. He has done it so long I don’t think he knows how to think for himself. He only thinks the way he is expected to think or he can kiss his career good-by. His immature actions off screen show him to be the exact opposite of the characters he has portrayed in past roles. There haven’t been too many, in my opinion, who sound just as intelligent off screen. He is nothing more than a puppet, so I really don’t care what he thinks about any issue. His personal opinions mean nothing to me. I would rather he would just act. Other than that I wish he would just shut up.

    I haven’t gone to a theater in many years. I wait until a movie comes out in DVD. The cost to rent the movie along with the cost of providing your own snacks and drinks, in most cases, is less than the cost of a theater ticket. That way I get to watch it in the comforts of my home without the outrageous prices at the theater.

  • Frick

    you run against him since you think you can beat him so easily!!!!! What an idiot that boy is!!!

  • talladega

    The only thing worse than a ‘has been’ is an ‘irrelevant has been’

  • David Wayne Ray

    That stooge Baldwin oughta be down on his knees thanking Trump for an improving economy which allows even schmucks like himself to be employed !

  • phil62

    Guess what Jack — I don’t bother to think of you or say your dumb ass name either. ALL of you left handed retarded assholes need to crawl back into your filthy little Hollywierd and Californication rabbit holes and stop interfering with the lives of REAL people. Damned actors!

  • ConservaDave2

    Hey, Alec, that’s how I felt from 2009 to 2017…

  • David Strauss Jr

    I am horrified when I see him acting. He is a big mouth slob.

  • Ris4Florida

    The only reason people like this loser who called his own Daughter a sick name, just disgraced his former wife!
    But lol at all these MEDIA OUTLETS like CNN,MSNBC, + All the rest, all late night hacks Jimmy Carson would smack each & everyone of them, then the talk shows who all trash Our ELECTED PRESIDENT TRUMP BY The American People, If Mr. President Trump lost these TRAITORS would be out of business! The one thing they never say is the 4 – 8 million ILLEGAL aliens, & people who voted 2 – 3 times for TRAITOR TREASONOUS PRICK MURDERER KILLARY!

  • srw

    So why should anyone listen to Baldwin. Beat up his wife at the time… Kim Bassinger. Calls his daughter who was under 10 a pig and other crude names. Bullies everybody. Jerk.