Alyssa Milano Becomes Unhinged Over Kavanaugh

Actress Alyssa Milano admitted she was “filled with rage”  due to the fact that people such as President Donald Trump and Supreme Court associate justice Brett Kavanaugh are placed in positions of power, which means “sexual abuse has been institutionalized in this country.”

Milano stated, “I’m filled with a lot of rage. It started last night. I couldn’t sleep at all last night. I can’t believe this is where we are. We are making distinct choices about what we want to be as a country. We’re making distinct choices about the people we’re putting in positions of power, whether it be Trump or Kavanaugh or our institutions. Sexual abuse has been institutionalized in this country, and it is heartbreaking for me. I don’t think we can allow another generation of women and children to feel as though their government isn’t listening, that doesn’t care, and they are invisible. I’m filled with rage, for Sarah to go on and say he was just stating the facts. The sky blue. I can state that fact. If I do it totally a little off, like the sky is blue, I’m mocking someone that may have said that. Tone is everything right now. We are making a choice. The Republican party is making a choice to back this man and this administration in this time, right now, right here and history will reflect upon this time as being devastating. I will tell you this; 34 days till the midterm election, there were 800,000 new voters on voter registration day. I think women, I think survivors, I think men are not going to allow this to continue. We’re going to take back the House and maybe even the Senate.”

“I will also add that 80% of victims of sexual assault do not report at all. We’re talking about a very minuscule point of women that are falsely reporting. Also, men are having a hard time right now. I mean, come on. I feel as though he’s completely belittling the intelligence of the American people.”

“Do they agree with him or is he using some sort of cult-like force to try to make them see that? I’m not sure if you were to have a real conversation with any American whether they be Democrat or Republican, that they would side with this kind of behavior where we’ve reached a low we’re mocking people and their stories of hurt and of pain. Who are we? Who do we want to be as a country? What are we trying to project to the young people of this world, to the young people of this country? It’s heartbreaking to me. I think yes, we’re in a time that’s very gray. This is the #MeToo generation. What is happening right now is we’re defining boundaries. Boundaries that have never been defined before. As Trump might say that white men have it very difficult right now, I’m saying that women, young people, have had it difficult for generations and generations and generations. We will not be silenced any longer. If that means that men have a hard time right now, then I’m sorry, this is the way the pendulum has to shift for us to have the equality and security in our country and our societal views of what it means to be a woman. We are considered less than. We cannot stand for it anymore.”


  • Daniel Wolf

    Who cares what she thinks

  • Carol Richardson

    Neurotic to say the least.

  • Ed Anderson

    Why should we care what some Demlib celeb says or thinks? And why do sites like AmericanSpotlight keep shoving every little action by or quote from those people into our faces? They don’t affect the way I think in any way. If that’s all your site has to offer, I think I’ll unsubscribe and quit wasting my time on you..

  • Freedom

    Sort of like your hollyweird liberal friends.

  • halliwell

    alyssa is wrong in so many ways. she implies that if one supports conservatism that they are supporting sexual abuse. wrong as usual. liberals are really acting irrationally. but that is what is expected from these snowflakes. she supports liberal demcrats that history shows to be the biggest bunch of abusers in history. sorry if you can’t sleep at night, allyssa. I sleep just fine.

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    I can’t believe that men can be ruined due to false accusations and the lies told
    by the MSM. How can innocent man can be smeared beyond degree? Secret letters
    at the 11th hour are treated as gospel truth. Lying, cheating, and character assassination
    seems to be the norm for liberal haters. They get paid by George Soros to disrupt, cause
    chaos, and make a mockery of a confirmation hearing. Alyssa Milano should stick to
    acting. Most of the Hollyweirdos should stay out of politics. They certainly do NOT
    speak for normal, patriotic, citizens.

    • Rod

      She can stick to acting but I don’t have to watch.

      • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

        I guess she doesn’t have to act to be a witch.

    • T Stewart

      She’s an Actress? lol just joking, haven’t seen her in anything in years. This is what happens to has been Actor/Actresses, they become hateful protesters and against the due process of the Constitution. She things 800,000 new voters for her cause? Daaaa, from what I’ve heard there’s more Democrats leaving the Party over the Kavanagh circus. There ashamed to be a part of a corrupt party. I wonder why her bleeding heart hasn’t went after Booker or Ellison for sexual assault?

      • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

        These mental cases never worry about their own guilty party members.
        I know that many of these so called actors and actresses are the ones
        whose careers are tanking. They have entirely too much time to cause
        scenes in DC and other places. I guess that gives them “exposure”. Isn’t
        it ironic that she plays a witch on tv? I never watch or listen to these so-called
        “celebrities”. They never say ANYTHING positive about a conservative.

        • Karaine

          Maybe because those who are activists are smarter than others.

      • Vernon Bennett
      • bob

        Their DEMOCRATS

    • SGirl

      The left have no problem destroying the unborn…why wouldn’t they destroy a Christian?

      • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

        They are doing Satan’s bidding. He is the deceiver and murderer
        from the beginning, and will be til he meets his doom in the lake of fire.

    • Karaine

      Look, what you young people don’t seem to get is that it is very patriotic to demonstate and complain when the government smells bad.

      And it does.

    • Karaine

      She speaks for plenty of Americans, whether we like her or not doesn’t matter.

      • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

        It is the height of stupidity to demonstrate against success!
        The country is finally rebounding in a great way, and people don’t
        or mostly won’t, appreciate it. That is really stupid. Resist what?
        Resist a booming economy? Resist a stronger place in the world?
        Resist making our military great again? Resist higher employment?
        Resist against weeding out welfare fraud? Yep, real smart there!

  • Niko

    “Who’s the Boss” – certainly not you ‘nor is Tony Danza, hahaha.
    It President Trump and the MAGA Agenda – you filthy bleeding (heart) from your vagina libretard…

  • Gordon Paitsel

    You run your mouth & let the raw sewage flow & don’t have enough sense to understand what you are saying. This scum & the rest who popped out of the wood work all of a sudden were proven to be first class liars. I am sick of you sewer rat wannabe’s thinking you are on your special soapbox & expect the public to listen to your MORONIC STUPIDITY. Every opportunity was given the scum liars to prove their lies to be true & failed. THIS WAS A CORRUPT STALL TACTIC BY THE SLIMMY DEMON–RATS FROM THE BEGINNING.

  • monongahela

    Alyssa Milano is the poster child for immaturity.

    • Mark Bowman

      Would look good on an MHA poster too!

  • Gloria Uptmor

    This woman is a nut case. Her ranting about our country institutionalizing sexual assault because Trump and now possible this judge being in power is so off the wall it’s discusting. She needs to crawl back into her hole and her world of Hollywood make believe.

  • Gary Johnson

    when she was a witch she seemed so nice, what happen

  • Alyssa if you really want to help then do not vote for any DemocRAT, they do not believe in law and order, they want open borders, they do not want to prosecute illegals, they have more sexual predators, in the DemocRAT Party since the 60’s. Now we will have law and order with Kavanaugh in there. Get rid of your leftist judges who do not believe in the constitution. You do know there are three branches of government legislative which makes the laws, executive which is the President and his cabinet and then the judicial and they are there to make sure the laws are good laws or bad laws, NOT MAKE LAWS, which the left judges try to do.

  • truth beknown

    CNN is not going to be able to stay on the air much longer. 24/7 lies and propaganda. All they cover are scandalous stories about Trump and Kavanaugh. Don’t they realize there is other news going on in the world?

    • SGirl

      Soros will keep it afloat…it is his mouthpiece!

  • William

    Unfortunately, like many in Hollywood & The East Coast, they think their celebrity status gives their opinion a higher value than anyone else!

  • William Weseloski

    Hey Alyssa, Why don’t you jump on your Broom and fly far, far away, Maybe the hilda-beast and Diana Frankinstien will join you!

  • Rudy Schulz

    Unhinged is right. Trump Derangement Syndrome.

  • JoAnn Graham

    Oh please..stop with the Hollywood theatrics…Milano only does thing in her dark sided world…against americans…she so full of lies .. look at all her violent buddies …and supports bill & hillary knowing full well what they are with their sexual assaults and scandals.. we the people don’t listen to extremeist …

  • This is the unhinged left for you, selective memory and extreme ignorance=Vote wisely in November unless you want the wacko’s running the show.

  • GoldenGirl2u

    Ms. Milano and her ilk have destroyed the great state of California and they are desperately trying to push their morals or values (if you can call them that) onto the rest of the nation. Disgusting, they should worry about the continue demise of California and leave the rest of the country alone, we don’t want them or their so called morals and values for the rest of us.

  • metheoldsarge

    p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }

    Milano is just a legend in her own mind and the minds of her elitist
    peers. Her only job is to entertain. We spend our hard earned money
    to listen to her and her colleges sing and dance or watch them
    pretend to be characters in movies or on TV.

    since she was a child star, Allyssa Milano spent
    her professional life
    talking from a script. She
    done it so long I
    don’t think she
    how to think for herself.
    only thinks
    the way she
    is expected
    to think or she
    can kiss her career good-by.

    she portrays a character she can sound so intelligent and
    intellectual. That is because she is speaking from a prepared script
    that she memorized. There haven’t been too many, in my opinion, who
    sound just as intelligent off screen. She is nothing more than a
    puppet, so I really don’t care what she thinks about any issue. Her
    personal opinions mean nothing to me. I
    would rather she
    would just sing, dance or act. Other than that I wish she
    would just shut up.

    haven’t gone to a theater in several years. I
    wait until a movie comes out in DVD. The cost to rent the movie
    along with the cost of providing your own snacks and drinks, in most
    cases, is less than the cost of a theater ticket. That
    way I get to watch it in the comforts of my home and
    I don’t have to pay those outrageous prices at the theater.

  • Richard Newman

    I hope she listened to Susan Collins yesterday when she categorically shot down every accusation from the left with diligent research and facts! No more delays! Confirm Kavanaugh!

    • denoferth

      In my experience they absolutely do not watch those news sources because they already know all there is to know. The liberal mental disorder means they believe they are the smartest people in the room and anyone who dares disagree with them is ignorant or just plain evil. Watch the next time you try to reason with one of them with facts if they can restrain themselves long enough to hear you out without breaking into a chant or calling you names. When they respond it is as if everything you said ricocheted off their forehead and the rules of reason and logic does not apply on the planet they are from.

      • Richard Newman

        Lol! That happened at a gas station yesterday evening. This man became belligerent and then tried to tell me that Trump hasn’t done a thing since elected. A clear deflection of the Kavanaugh argument. I even asked,” How would you like to be accused of sexual assault?”. His response was,” Don’t think that I’m like Kavanaugh”, and I had to agree with him lol! I ended up saying to him to do some research before judging others instead of listening to the fake news….

  • Another Leftist hypocrite. She was a Clinton supporter back in the day, but I saw her interviewed last night. Someone asked her if Bill should’ve been investigated over the allegations against him. She hemmed and hawed but finally agreed, after she’d been cornered, that he should’ve been.

    Where is she on Keith Ellison? His ex-girlfriend, Karen Monahan, has a lot more credible evidence against him. She’s not only been discredited, but smeared. I guess the rules of sexual assault victims apply only to liberal women who support the agenda of the far Left. Conservative women are considered deplorable.

    • SGirl

      Because the leftists are all about on demand abortion…would rather abort a fetus than use condoms or birth control…they are too busy to be bothered.

  • rfrichey

    Yes, it’s possible Milano is dumber than she looks.

  • Albedamned!

    She was unhinged long before this!

  • Arielle

    SO disappointed in Alyssa Milano ! I actually liked this actress at one time. Now she is just a hysterical, ignorant, hateful woman, filled with rage. Unfortunately, MOST Democrats, these days, seem to be filled with HATE, and RAGE ! I am SO happy that I left the Democratic party,
    BEFORE it was hijacked by the Socialist haters !

  • Vernon Bennett
  • George Reed

    She was already unhinged !

  • MikeC

    Oh, poor lil’ Alyssa. She throws multipude tantums because she can’t get her ‘Divine Rights” way…Poor lillt waif…Maybe you should run for political office to make your voice count Big Time…I feel so sorry for her being so upset. BTW, it’s called hardline politics and your side lost.since the tide has turned. Sanity is back in vogue….Get over it,Alyssa, and grow up. A Supreme Court is suppose to interpert the Constituion not to be a pawn for political operatives. ….Sorry,Alyssa, as a consolation, tell we where to send the tissues or beer..Your choice…

  • KerryS

    Lets face it, she’s a liberal moron. If she wasn’t decent looking with a nice rack she would go nowhere in life. She should just be thankful for plastic surgery and STFU!

  • bob

    Hey Alyssa
    The next time classes are in session at any given HS or college in the country, there’s going to be drinking,people getting drunk, guys trying to feel up girls or maybe going even further, GIRLS LETTING them, so what the hell are you so upset about? This has been going on for decades,but my question is, if these holier than thou girls or women DON’T want anything they might expect to happen to them, WHY did they keep attending these type of events?
    The supposed victims ( Ford ,Ramirez & Swetnick ) ) all seemed to have attended these parties more than once.

    Ford—- can’t remember the city, the house, the date, how she got there,how she got home,who pushed her in the bedroom, named people ( including her girlfriend Leland Keyser ) who indicated they were never there, & Keyser said she didn’t even know Kavanaugh .

    Ramirez—– said she was kind of drunk & really COULDN’T BE SURE who might have pulled their pants down & exposed himself.

    Swetnick——– said she attended a party & saw Kavanaugh NEAR a punch bowl & standing with other guys around a bedroom door. She CAN’T say he put anything in the punch bowl or that she saw him ENTER a bedroom & sure as hell didn’t know what happened if he did.
    So there’s the evidence , named people BY FORD who can’t collaborate ANY of what SHE said, a drunk who REALLY doesn’t know who supposedly pulled there pants down & another
    supposed witness who saw NOTHING.
    NONE ( can you understand NONE ) reported any activity of these “life shaking traumatic events to ANY authorities ,parents or friends” until years later ( when Kavanaugh looked like he was going to be confirmed to the SC). How come nobody came forward when he was confirmed to sit on the SECOND highest court in the land, that he sat on for 12 years?

  • Philomena

    She should move to Cuba and take a bunch of Left Wingers with her.

  • Jim Baum

    Why does anyone even listen to this female? She obviously has serious issues with the male of the species? She is a has been actress, who has not had a decent roll in so long. That she is trying to make the public think. Believe that she is even someone worth listening too.

  • Bambigg

    Alyssa thinks by doing this she’ll be noticed by W and get a movie contract. Dream on Alyssa!
    I can’t even remember if I ever watched your movies… even one.

  • SheldonPalmer

    she is certifiable and needs to betaken off the streets and institutionalized, at once….

  • ahvc

    We made Alyssa Milano rich, now she has too much time in her hands and spends it promoting the “Resist” crowd fascists politics.