Anti-Trump “Campers” a Brutal Wake-Up Call

For the past several months, many liberals have staged protests against President Donald Trump all over the country, somehow believing that standing on street corners with cardboard signs is actually going to change anything.

A group of anti-Trump protesters who decided to camp out in Farragut Square in Washington got a nasty surprise at 4 a.m. on Saturday when police officers began dismantling their campground, The Daily Caller reported.

The Daily Caller reported that some of the officers involved in the action appeared to be local police, but the Farrugut Square is under the administration of the National Park Service, so it’s under the jurisdiction of the Park police. On Saturday, the Park Service released a statement confirming it had removed the tents.

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  • Buckeye conservative

    The liberal progressives believe that laws and procedures do not apply to them.

  • Sandra Holstein

    Camping wherever you want? No job? Think you’re owed something for nothing? Wrong!!!!

  • Patrick

    that why we have jails for their life style of beliefs

  • Dennis Smith

    Must be nice to do whatever you want without having to work for it.I’m sure a lot of these are also pan handlers you see on every street corner



  • Frederick Charles Lucia

    you could ask them if they believe in Law and Order and they might even and they might even say yes

  • Danny S.

    Every since Occupy Wall Street there has been no consequences for disorderly conduct or protection of government or private property.
    Then on the other hand the Government has went after ranchers grazing their cattle which in many cases they had used for over a hundred years on what is now BLM property.

  • regulus30

    left wing idiots respect NO LAWS.