Are Conservative Christians Under Attack?

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) believes conservative Christians “are being silenced in corporate America.”

McCarthy stated, “Increasingly people like us, conservative Christians are being belittled or forced out of the public square. Conservative Christians are being silenced in corporate America and the mainstream media, including on social media, where we get so much of our news today, are trying to discredit or take our words off.”

“There are troubling reports that Amazon excluded the Alliance Defending Freedom from its charity program after some left-wing group went after them. We cannot sit still. I believe if we get criticized for our speech, or if they try to deny it, we should say it louder and more often. If ADF is not safe from discrimination, there will be no conservative group that is safe. It is not an isolated incident.”

“Do you remember in 2016 what did Facebook employees do? They would remove conservative talk from the news feed. Twitter has censored run of the mill pro-life advertisements for being quote ‘inflammatory.’ Think about that for a moment. They consider a pro-life message to be inflammatory, but not abortion itself, of tearing a human life from the womb. These are just a few of the threats that we face today.”

  • bunky doodle

    america is 70% or more christian. democrats hate religion and especially christians. they embrace muslims who degrade women. i lived in the middle east for yrs. you would not believe what i saw. anyway, 70% includes lots of white hispanics, non white hispanics, other white americans of varous heritages, african americans….all christians. i would put my money on 70% being where political power is. time for christians other than just evangelicals to wake up and vote for a party that actually doesnt worship satan

    • Proud Hollerrat

      Practice your faith. Don’t do like the radical Christians want to do. Force their faith on others thru politics.

  • Will

    I am a Christian. There is nothing Christian, (or moral )about the Conservative Evangelical Christian movement, which also is not conservative. it is a radical, immoral political movement, that has zero to do with the teachings of Jesus, who , if here, would not be allowed in the doors of any of the churches

  • justdave

    Politics and religion have no place in the work place, board room or other private or public business. Promoting or denigrating a religious or political belief in the workplace should be grounds for termination. To the left and right, the religious and atheist – shut up and get back to work.

  • daveveselenak

    Face it: REVOLUTION will be the final SOLUTION – bet on it OR get down on your knees and beg!