Arkansas Protects Life With Legislation

Should states ever be permitted to decide whether or not to ban abortions, Arkansas has gotten ahead of the game. The Arkansas Senate passed legislation

to ban the process should the choice return to them.

“It’s time for the United States to redress and correct what many believe is a grave injustice and a crime against humanity which is being perpetuated by the decisions of Roe v. Wade,” state Sen. Jason Rapert said.

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Senate Bill 149, the Human Life Protection Act, was overwhelmingly passed by a margin of 29-6 getting votes from 26 Republicans and 3 Democrats.

“New scientific advances have demonstrated since 1973 that life begins at the moment of conception and the child in a woman’s womb is a human being,” the bill reads. “Scientific evidence and personal testimonies document the massive harm that abortion causes to women.”

Arkansas now joins the ranks of Louisiana, Mississippi, North Dakota, and South Dakota to have put into place legislation to protect life should Roe v. Wade ever be overturned.