AWESOME Ted Cruz Ad HITS Marco Rubio Where It Hurts!!

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are beginning to see that the GOP nomination might come down to them battling it out, and they’re starting to launch early attacks to take each other out!

This is the latest ad from Cruz that really nails Marco on his earlier support for Obama’s illegal immigration program:

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This is truly Marco’s weakest point among the GOP base, and it’s smart for Cruz to hit him on it.

Rubio says that the plan wasn’t really amnesty, which depends on how you define that term, and he doesn’t support it anymore but his detractors say that it’s a disqualifying policy.

Marco, meanwhile, has been hitting Cruz for his support of lessening U.S. surveillance from the NSA, calling it a weakening of our defense.

Things are heating up in the GOP primary race!!!


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