Bill Maher Celebrates Taking Down Milo…

There was quite an uproar over the weekend regarding resurfaced audio of right-leaning provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos seemingly defending or excusing sexual relationships between an adult and a child.

The sharp controversy resulted in Milo being uninvited from speaking at the upcoming Conservative Political Action Conference, a book deal being cancelled and his resignation from Breitbart News, results which liberal comedian Bill Maher has now taken credit for, according to The New York Times.

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  • GeneZ

    Perfect! Now when the pedophile ring gets busted folks like Maher are all going to be all for it. Right?

  • phil62

    These liberal idiots are so screwed up they are even throwing their own under the bus? What’s wrong with this picture of a useless piece of dung (yea-that was a pun) who lives his life DEFENDING sodomy and he cuts the throat of one of his own. Oh – I get it now: he was getting rid of his competition because he is afraid of losing his place of honor on the sodomy trail.

  • lgbernards7

    Maher is such a pig.

    • Alex Ferguson

      Why do you say that, ma’am—do you really believe that adult on child sex is okay? What a pig you are! Don’t have children…….+

      • lgbernards7

        I didn’t say that at all, but I thought liberals approve of that sort of thing – pedophilia (e.g. pizzagate). Maybe you, as a hypocritical liberal, are the pig!

  • R Beardall

    Once Again I just haft to say What does The ugliest pig of a HACK comedian truly have the knowledge or importance in anyone ones world to have even the slightest amount of attention to be paid to Him! A NO-ONE! as a comedian & repulsive pig spreading HATE & lies to fools who actually PAY to see this MORON! I, as over 100,000 others signed & halted HBO in our homes when they failed to eliminate this Retard as Well as the other English RETARD on there!Cancel HBO & have a semi Libertard neighbor steal Game of Thrones if one is so desperate for it.But I will be dammed If I will pay to watch these dribbling,drooling,PHONY Hacks in any real world Job on HBO! & the only way HBO will learn is to CANCEL their repulsive programing

  • popgrand

    I say this cause all of you who love racist illegitimate trump says this stop hating on Bill Maher, cause he has a cable contract & you don’t!!

    • DaWholeTruth

      Still butthurt that Shillery lost? I know your pain bro, I had to endure eight HORRIFIC years of 1.47% AVG GDP (4th worst EVER among U.S. Presidents) of his predecessor where I had to burn through over 100K+ to keep my family afloat – I know you might not be down with his policies but he’s going to resurrect the economy, something that Obie couldn’t do in his eight years of ineptitude – something that will benefit ALL Americans.

      • Rick Vitti

        But Obie was black…or half black and that makes him great in their eyes…it’s PURE RACISM!

    • Rick Vitti

      You are the RACIST

    • GeneZ

      How many points did you get for that one? Do you get a free vacation after so many? I can make up sh_t, too. Can I join?

  • jardow90

    This man Maher is a poor excuse for a human being. He is a hate monger and back stabber and will stop at nothing to get better ratings. He’s just proven that. Turn the channel.

  • NikVa

    Problem is, the gay movement is based on infiltrating and coercing the young and vulnerable. Why do the pervs want to become scout masters or work around children?

  • Rick Vitti

    Bill Maher. GFY you useless pile of trash

    • Alex Ferguson

      Poor Mr Vitti is angry because he, like Milo, prefers adult/juvenile sex…….