Billionaire Mark Cuban Says Trump’s NOT Racist, But Thinks What He Did Was WORSE!!

Trump’s billionaire buddy Mark Cuban defended el Trumpo by saying that in his personal experience, the Donald is definitely not racist.

But he says that this other thing he’s doing is WAY WORSE than Racism – watch below:

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Cuban says that the thing he does that’s worse than racism is that he’s trying to intimidate a judge who’s presiding over his Trump University fraud lawsuit. And he has a point – if Trump wants to be in the Oval Office, then we have to know that we can trust him to respect the balance of powers and the precarious system that the founders set up.

We have a moron in there now who openly disrespects the system and tries to gobble up power from the other branches. It’s not any better when a guy with an “R” behind his name does it than when a guy with a “D” behind his name does it.

What do you think? Can we trust el Trumpo to respect the balance of power in our government? 


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