Blumenthal’s Stand On Armed Teachers

Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) who has been very vocal lately in opposition to President Trump has once again spoken out about Trump’s plan to train and arm school staff saying, “That idea of concealed carry is absolutely abhorrent. It is an anathema.”

Wolf Blitzer asked, “Do you think the president has a good idea that maybe 20% or 30% of teachers should be trained and armed?”

Blumenthal replied, “That idea of concealed carry is absolutely abhorrent. It is an anathema. As the Sandy Hook parent, I believe Nicole Hockley, whom I know well, told him, we need to prevent these shootings by getting guns out of the hands of dangerous people. The president has to do more than listen and more than talk about guns. Now is the time for action.”

  • james jeffreys


    • Richard Walker

      They must be, according to this democratic fool. Of course, when they teach that socialism and communism is good and capitalism is bad then they are more dangerous than any gun. I would like to ask the good senator to give up his armed guard and not go armed and take a trip to the south side of Chicago, see how he fares. Maybe he can talk the criminals into giving up their weapons..

    • artalem

      Just what I expected from “war hero” Blumenhole. Now I’m waiting for the other one,
      financial wizard Sen. Muffy, to chime in.

    • Robert

      According to Blumenthal’s logic,YES!!

    • Ginger

      I think they have since they took the Bible and prayer out of public schools over 50 years ago. I now call them public indoctrination centers.

      • Steven Earle

        Only thing they do well is indoctrination.

  • Bill

    Classes to arm teachers are selling out. They refuse to be victims.

    • Gary Smith


    • Suewa

      Where are these classes? And where do these teachers work?

      • Bill

        Contact your local gun range

      • Suewa

        I will ask again. How can a teacher or any other person be a match for a shooter already in combat mode bursting into a school, theater, church, restaurant with their bullets flying everywhere? Those who make money from the sale of any kind of firearm to anyone would have us live surrounded by shooters ready to fire back at someone who has managed to access one of the more than 1 million AR15s or similar weapons of war out there in the civilian population? Kindergartners in their classroom with a shooter holding such a weapon ready to fire standing at the door? When a bullying child starts attacking others with a big stick is it your opinion we give all the other children a big stick or do we take away the one big stick from the bully?

  • FreemenRtrue

    Arming teachers and/or other school personnel is not a Federal issue or concern.

  • dave

    Maybe this nut acse should lissen to the people,Oh yea,he’s still shell schocked from his viet nam service time !!!!!

    • Gary Smith

      When was that?

      • dave

        I think it was about in 2008,when he was honoring some veterans,He spoke about the wars going on,& how they differ from when he was in Nam,problem is,HE WAS NEVER IN NAM !!!!!!!!

  • Nick

    Spoken like a man with several talented bodyguards…..

  • Freedom

    Just what part of STUPID are the Democrats ? You act like it is ok to have these kids MURDERED. When are you going to wake up and see that the bad guys, loonies or terrorist inside this country or outside could care less about how many gun laws you have. For the bad guys it`s a win win. You just made their day for hunting season!!!The Police don`t show in time to stop murders either the kills are done and the bad guy shoots himself. Or in the case of Florida the cops show up and wait outside. Then also let the murderer get away. In the meantime there will be more murders because you head is up your ass.

    • Steven Earle

      It is okay for them they want issues not solutions. They never even try to fix any problem, just look at history here in U.S. They avoid and compromises, renege on deals so nothing changes. They get their issues then blame the other side. See NRA, Guns, Repubs and conservatives.

  • ivdad

    Blumenthal is another northeast idiot. After boasting of his Viet Nam experience and later having it shown he had never left the US should have disqualified him from any elected office.

    • harley93

      It’s his fellow dumb ass jews that elected him, they never learn.

      • Steven Earle

        I’m not into demeaning Jews but it does seem they have difficulty connecting the dots as in cause and effects.

  • draeger24

    Missouri already does this, and Colorado apparently just announced they will do this. Israel has done this for years!!

    • GomeznSA

      Texas has around 100 school districts that allow teachers/staff to carry, with the knowledge of the school board and administration. It is strictly optional.

      • draeger24

        that’s great…but let me ask you…do they still have them marked as “gun free zones” even though they are allowed to carry?

  • Martin

    What a lying loser this guy is. If he lies about his military service he will lie about anything. Throw him out.

    • Steven Earle

      Can’t, the whole state is full of communists liberals.

      • Freedom

        Agree, And whats really amazing is they are signing their own death warrant!!

        • Steven Earle

          Death warrants of their kids in all likelihood. They can scream gun control forever but with hundreds of thousands of “Assault guns” out there how do they enforce it if the pass it? Crazys and criminals always get guns too.

          • lorna shores

            the democrats are the best gun control there is, everytime they scream gun control, my husband buys another gun!

          • Steven Earle

            Happens every time. Dem’s and liberal media scream gun control and gun sails go up. Personally I buy more ammo as I can only shoot one gun at a time. Thing is Liberals seem to think all they have to do is pass a law and all we Americans will stamped to turn them in. I doubt more then 10% of gun owners would obey any such law. How then would liberals try to round up the millions of guns and gun owners?

      • Arizona Wolf

        That’s one of the reasons I moved out of CT 17 years ago. We LOVE Arizona.

        • Steven Earle

          Know what you mean, moved out of Mass 40 years ago but the Massholes keep immigrating up here inflicting us with their liberal BS. No state income tax so they flood the southern end of state work in mass and vote Communist here.

        • lorna shores

          thats one of the reasons we left Illinois 20 years ago, tax and spend liberals! illinois should be on that shit hole list!

  • harley93

    Who cares what this dumb ass libtard thinks,!

  • Gordon

    It is not possable to “get guns out of the hands of dangerous people” Who is that? That could be anybody at any time. So when that does’nt work the next answer is to take the guns from all the people! This guy is a fool or he has a plan to fail so the next step can happen!

    • Danny S.

      The hard working never effective Sheriff Dept. and FBI failed again to do their jobs. These agencies had enough information handed to them to have prevented this from ever happening.

      We do now know that some FBI agents have time to plot against and elected president and text each other 10,000 times while on the clock to start up a budding love affair.

  • Medic RN

    The critical emergency is answering the question, “how did Blumenthal get on our national stage?” This clown is disconnected in his reasoning. No solutions. No explanation. No assimilation of thought continuity. Just complaining. Typical liberal.

    • Helen Hollingsworth

      He married the daughter of the owner of the Empire State Bldg….the war hero got himself into money…

      • Medic RN

        Just like John Kerry marrying the Heinz fortune. The tragedy is their position of leadership. voice, on our national stage. They’re shills. Empty suits sitting too close to the helm. Panic their constituency doesn’t recognize that.

  • draeger24

    when seconds count, the police are minutes away…or, in the case of Broward County, hiding behind a wall.

    • Gary Smith


  • draeger24

    by the way, “Blumey:”…get a haircut or shave your neck, buy some decent button-down shirts, and check the watchbill.

    • Gary Smith

      You mean blarney

  • Walter Bazner

    Blumenthal is a danger to the Constitution!!! Complete asswipe. I wonder who guards his ass and keeps him safe!

    • Gary Smith


  • Robert Pekarik

    If a teacher wishes to be trained in order to protect his/her students why is it that the democrats want them to be unarmed in order for them to be easy targets for terrorists?

    • Suewa

      How does a teacher in front of a class of children respond to a shooter bursting into the classroom already firing an AR15 ( or any kind of weapon capable of killing dozens of people in less that 5 minutes. Even if the teacher stands in front of the class, near the door, combat ready with an AR15 at all times the shooter would probably still be able to end several lives before the teacher can respond (that is, unless the teacher is killed first) And if you are a parent do you really think your child could learn in such a warlike atmosphere? No one is thinking rationally that is posing arming teachers.

      • Robert Pekarik

        If a teacher want to carry and protect then they have the Constitutional right to do so. The football coach that ran towards the school in Florida was a gun owner and he ended up getting killed protecting students. You can’t possible think that if he had his gun there would not have been a different outcome. If you people want to take away our 2nd Amendment rights how is that going to stop the Chinese or Russians from smuggling in automatic weapons through our open borders and arming terrorist who hate our nation? Unless you’re okay with these American hating nations taking over our country? And don’t tell me that there’s no chance of that happening.

  • Bd Bob Duggan

    He is so stupid that he does not even know that even
    looney California has had this available for yrs

  • Danny S.

    Let’s see Brumenthal is a unethical lying hack. Remember when he was running for Congress he told everyone he served in Vietnam but someone who knew him told us he never served in the military and the truth was out.

    The gun issue is all about politics just like immigration. The Democrats don’t really want a solution to gun violence unless it erodes or ends up in complete repeal of the 2nd amendment. On immigration they talk the talk for years but never vote for it when put in front of them. The DACA vote and 1 day shut down of the government outed them and exposed their real motives which is uncontrolled open immigration.

  • Rick from VA

    This doesn’t have to be very hard. Just do like any bank, airport, or even government buildings, place armed guards at all entry points, and if we want to add an extra level of security, place metal detectors at the main entrances of the school. Concealed carry can also be used for protection within the building, not necessary the teachers. I’m sure we can find school employees, volunteers, retired military or law enforcement personnel, etc, that would be willing to carry concealed weapons, good reliable people, do comprehensive background checks on them, train them and clear them to carry concealed weapons. Again, it’s not that hard, we have all the plans and technology to implement immediately.

    • Gordon

      They had one! And he hid!

  • Dennis Lowther

    if teacher are so dangerous why do let them your kids???

  • Dennis Lowther

    if teacher are so dangerous why let them teacher your kids?????

  • ROB

    Hey you dems, let’s ask the teachers and see how many at each school would be more than happy to be trained to be a protector of the children. It sho ain’t gonna be the FBI and that pathetic “not my fault” sheriff in Florida,.

  • bandhriot

    No Dem will waste an opportunity, right or wrong, to state their objection to anything that Pres. Donald Trump attempts/completes. They just can’t get over their total lack of understanding that their Queen wannabe has been rejected.

  • bitterclinger

    in an intelligence contest with a chimp Blumenthal would lose badly………..

  • Peggy Cantley


  • Steven Earle

    Right! Proof liberals want more school killings so they won’t fix the problem only keep the issue up front to run on. Take the guns away is always the first step to tyranny..

  • Ross Campbell

    Bottom line for all the idiots, if it’s OK for politians, government buildings,etc. To have armed protection for the “elites”, then why not for our children, ?
    Unless, they are just not important, how long before police,can respond,if they do.?

  • thomas robinson

    The police preach that they can’t do anything until after the crime. we may as well not spend the money on them. they are just watchers til the harm is done !

  • Yvonne

    he is a moron

  • Arizona Wolf

    So they believe teachers are dangerous people. Blumenthal is a blummin’ idiot.

  • Bret M Romer

    I live in the state and don’t like him.All Dems are are anti-gun for there agenda.To enslave us not stop school shootings,WHY Because Criminals Don;t Follow LAWS ,The Law Abiding Do.

  • Sarge

    Another bullshitter who knows nothing about the second amendment or why it is in the Bill of Rights. read and re-read the 2nd amendment and realize why it is in 2nd only to Freedom of Speech. These backwards politicians no nothing about it. It’s power and money they understand and nothing more.

  • Jmanjo

    What do you expect from an idiot Democrat anyway!

  • Janis

    Perhaps, through science, we can clone Sen Blumenthal and have him serve as the armed guard at all schools, after all he must have seen quite a bit of gun action when he was in Vietnam……Oh wait, he really wasn’t in Nam was he? Does anybody take this clown seriously?

  • lorna shores

    the unions won’t allow the teachers to teach,they just keep saying we need more money, yeah, the union needs more money! now they don’t want the teachers to do what they can to save the kids lives, i guess it’ll be up to those highly trained police officers in florida to protect the kids! how about hiring some of these highly trained veterans?

  • Bob Stewart

    Blumenthal is a sorry excuse for a man.

  • RGW

    Insane… Mister you are insane, only an insane person would continue to do the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. How much longer must we follow this insane idea, the exact same weapon was used by the murderer at the Texas Church and the good guy used the same weapon to stop him. The gun is not the problem, nor does it create the criminal, “BAD” people do bad things, “GOOD” people do good things. Taking weapons away from “GOOD” people will not eliminate “BAD” people or stop bad behavior, it will make it easier for “BAD” people to do even worse things to good people. We must stop voting these idiots into office!

  • David Horner

    Such a dummy. Yes it would be nice to get guns out of the hands of the wicked. But it just isnt going to happen. You can stand by and watch you and yours get shot or you can defend them. Its not gonna be possible with a black board eraser.

  • fekim

    Blumenthal is just another national politician who got away with stolen valor. Funny how they are mostly clustered on the east coast.