Bristol Palin Calls Out Hypocritical Hollywood Stars

Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol has has her own brushes with fame, so she knows how brutal they can be. That’s why she’s calling out supposed feminists in Hollywood who stood by and let Melania Trump be trampled on!

Here’s what she wrote:

Normally, feminists would be crying out the second a powerful woman was subjected to “slut-shaming.” But the loudest voices aren’t coming to the defense of Melania Trump, whose naked body is being plastered and mocked on the covers of newspapers and spread all over the Internet. Could it be because she is a Republican? (Quick, everyone act surprised!) The fact that Melania, quite possibly the next first lady of the United States, is receiving no support proves what we already know — feminists are not pro-woman, they are pro-Democratic woman. (Just ask my mom.)

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The sexism Melania is currently experiencing for these photos from twenty years ago is the kind of slut-shaming other female celebrities have been fighting so hard against: being shamed online for what they’re wearing, or not wearing, and expressing sensuality. But there silence here is deafening!

She has a point. These women would be up in arms if this happened to Hillary but because it’s happening to Melania Trump nobody cares.

What do you think? Is it hypocritical for these Hollywood starlet to ignore the attacks on Melania Trump? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!!


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