Caitlyn Jenner Working with Republicans

Caitlyn Jenner claims to be working “behind the scenes” with the Republican Party to help out on LGBT issues, the reality TV star said while guest-hosting The View on Thursday.

“I do a lot of political things, but I would say 80-90 percent of it is behind the scenes,” declared Jenner, who came out transgender in 2015. “I think I really get a lot more accomplished that way.

“I’m glad I’m in the position that I’m in, because I got a good in with the Republican Party,” the reality television star and former gold-medal Olympian continued. “As we know, the Democrats do a much better job when it comes to LGBT issues. And I know that, I’m not stupid, but the Republicans need help and I’m there to help them.”

During her interview on The View, Jenner also admitted that she had spoken to members of President Trump’s administration, officials at the Department of Education, and the United Nations, but had not yet spoken to the president himself.

“We have our problems here and our issues here, but if you look on an international basis… They’d chop my head off in some countries,” Jenner concluded.

In April, Jenner claimed it was harder to come out as a Republican than it was to come out as transgender.

“I’m not a one-issue voter. I believe in limited government. I believe in our Constitution,” Jenner proclaimed. “I believe — I would rather convince the Republican Party to do a better job when it comes to all LGBT issues than to try to convince the Democrats to lower taxes and lower regulations and let our country thrive financially and economically.”


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  • Transgenderism is a fraud as every cell of a man is different from every cell of a woman. The problem is between Bruce’ ears. He needs a shrink, pants and guy shoes instead of high heels. Maybe he can keep his pantyhose, but he has to stay out of “Lady’s Rooms.”

    20% of all surgically modified men, penis removal, commit suicide within one year when they are told they cannot get their penises back. This is an operation that should be made illegal.

  • Finder1009

    Transgender folks need a pshrink, and follow up mental health treatment.

  • A. Jay

    Bruce is one screwed up woman, and or man??

    • enubus

      His gender never changed no matter what the media and the propagandized left would have you believe. Bruce is still Bruce, only now he is a mutilated male with hormone therapy and a pair of bolt-ons. He is an XY and NOT an XX, no matter what the loons in the LGBT and the moronic left say. Yes, no matter what he and the rest of the gender identity syndrome crazies say! What Republics is he talking about, McCain, and Graham?

      • Juanita

        True. Not only of him but all of the rest of the screwed up males and females as well as the pathetic children whose parents are going along with this nonsense. It does not ,matter how much they bully, pressure, and seduce others to call them what they are not and to say that they are what they are not.

        The old saying that a leopard cannot change its spots hold true here. A person cannot change his or her gender. On some level, they know that which one of the reasons there are so many suicides among those who “have had the operation” or done other self-abasing things in the exercise of their fantasy.

        • enubus

          Well said!

      • mustangsallyann

        I was wondering that myself. We do not need Bruce’s help with anything.

  • myfordtruck

    Bruce is now nothing but a freak not a woman wrong dna just a man with tits and a hole where a penis used to be

    • sandraleesmith46

      I don’t believe he has ever had that surgery; just took hormones.

      • myfordtruck

        still a freak

        • sandraleesmith46

          A sick freak. Shouldn’t be enabled, but TREATED for his dysfunction.

  • Paul Hoisington

    Get the name correct, it’s Bruce!

  • sandraleesmith46

    The ONLY way to “help” persons with those issues is to get them mental therapy; they are SICK people foisting their delusions and religion on the rest of us! And BRUCE needs it as much as the rest of them!

  • irene

    Go away Caitlyn & bring BRUCE back!!!


    Bruce Jenner was a Republican can’t Caitlyn Jenner be a Republican?

  • jim jones

    Perversion is what defeated the democrats, this thing should get back under it’s rock.

  • mikegru

    get rid of this fuckin freak the GOP has enough problems without this dirt bag

  • David Swann

    OK I think the hatred should be left to the lefties. I don’t proclaim to understand this whole topic, and I’m not sure anyone does really, but just blasting away with the same bile as Dems do only makes us as pitiful as them. I’m not some touchy feely wuss, I just am tired of the entire piss on those that irritate me with their lifestyle. I reserve my anger for those that insist we must accept their thinking. Jenner doesn’t do that, he just lives his life albeit in the glare of the Kartrashians. Let’s save our energy for the battle with the Libs – political, celebrity and media frauds.