Candidate Endorses Extreme Gun Ban

New Zealand has responded to a mass shooting that claimed the lives of 50 innocent people by quickly introducing a heavy firearms ban that targets “military-style” semi-automatic weapons, assault rifles and high-capacity magazines. Now one 2020 candidate wants to follow suit her in the United States.

Senator Bernie Sanders endorsed New Zealand’s ban via his Twitter account. Although that wasn’t all, he also took the opportunity to call for people to turn on the NRA as well.

Of course the Vermont senator is missing one crucial difference between New Zealand and the United States. Where as in New Zealand owning a firearm is considered a privilege, in the U.S. it is an undeniable right protected by our constitution. 

Many opponents of over bearing gun control were quick to point this out in response to Sanders “call to action.”

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While the tragedy that befell residents in Christchurch is undisputed, it in no way justifies infringing upon the 2nd Amendment rights of the American public.