Charges for Comey?

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the Department of Justice should look into charging former FBI Director James Comey for his actions regarding Hillary Clinton and President Donald Trump.

Give me the context. What exactly did she say?

A few of Sanders’ full quotes about Comey from the Tuesday news briefing:

“His actions were improper and likely could have been illegal. Comey leaked memos to the New York Times.”

“That’s not the president’s role (to decided on charges). That’s the job of the Department of Justice, and something they should certainly look at.”


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  • utahshadow

    Maybe Huckabee Sanders needs to quit telling others what charges should be made by LEGAL entities. She’s walking a very fine line.

    • Doug

      I agree however there is too much in the way of “smells fishy” in regards to the whole Coney/Clinton/Lynch events. If I would have placed my companies information on a private server like she did I would have been drawn and quartered. She is OUR employee and SERVES us to a higher standard. She and they however believe that we are subservient to them and that is the crux of the discussion.

      • seano

        She, and they , also need to be brought to justice!

  • gvette

    Nothing will happen to Comey!

    • Al

      Yeah.. Nothing will happen to Hillary either. Crime pays in DC.

      • gvette

        It pays if you’re a DemonRAT.

        • Al

          Very true friend. I’ll never vote democrat ever again. (Unless Jesus ran on the demo ticket. But I would have to think about it.)

          • gvette

            It’s funny Al. All my life, I voted for the person that was going to do the job. Party didn’t really come into play. Then, we had 8 years of Obama.
            Funny how that has changed.

  • rebeccadewhirst

    With all the crimes he committed why is in the justice department looking into this

  • Paul

    I will speak as a taxpayer. Comey needs to be investigated.

    • Pat

      Comey needs to be PROSECUTED….this big POS politicized the once proud FBI…..He needs to go to JAIL…



  • xingqin

    All of the Liberal idiots who were part of the corruption, cover ups, lying, and spying should be fined and locked up.

  • Ben

    James Comey is a liar and should be investigated and indicted.

  • gideonrockwell

    That Comey has n ot been charged, proves the letter of the law no longer applies in America. What our Founding Fathers hoped to end has happened. There is a Patrician class in American that is above the laws that apply to the rest of us. Comey,, Rice, Obama, the Clintons, Sharpton even, are all out on the streets walking about when they all should be in Federal Prison.

  • Pat

    It has recently come to light that Hillary’s emails show that she was running a PAY to PLAY at the Justice Dept. via her ‘Foundation’. Why isn’t this all over the news? Because our media is DISHONEST and BIASED and run by liberal Jewish Democrats…

  • Shirline

    Comey is a manipulator, liar, conniver just to mention a few.

  • martin Gries

    Comey should be charged with not investigating Bill and loretta on the tarmac. Every one knows what went on there and they did nothing about it. Pisses me off…we have a very corrupt and stupid government…Let’s hope Trump can rid us of some of it. Pelosi, Feinstein, Frankin, Come on Donald!

  • gene smiith

    get ‘er done

  • Let’s not forget the tarmac meeting at the Phoenix airpor between Bill and Lyncht.Do they really think we are so star struck over bump her and Lynch? Strong questions need to be asked how they both turned up at the same place at the same time.

  • Michael J Tomarchio

    One of the biggest problem is “Sessions” he has to come out of the woodwork and do his assigned job or resign. Many of these issues have nothing to do with Russia and the campaign.

    • Tony

      Sessions s a long time swamp dweller. Don’t look for much action from him when it comes to dealing with his cohorts that are like family members. No mater which side of the isle they are on, they protect one another. Like lawyers do, they act like bitter enemy’s to create court room drama but are best of friends outside the court room.

  • Ken/FL

    About damn time.

  • Shelba Herring

    comey wont be investigated, if the DOJ did they would have to find him guilty of not doing his job on hillary, therefore they would have to reopen the investigation on her e-mails and they don’t want to do that because none of the legitimate investigators want to commit suicide like so many others have done when it came to digging into her wrong doing

  • Carla Farrar

    Sure needs to be held accountable for all that HE knew was WRONG DOING with the obummers, clinton’s , rice,lynch and ANY and an Every ONE else he was pertectin,

  • Buckeye conservative

    “Charges for Comey?” Come on, there will be no investigation, no charges and pretty soon the WaPo will find a new way to hide Comey’s actions, as well as Obama’s and Hillary’s and focus more on getting rid of Trump. The hidden secret state ensconced by Obama will be there for years.