Cher: House and Protect DACA Dreamers

Pop icon Cher urged her three million-plus Twitter followers on Tuesday to provide shelter for illegal immigrants who are currently being shielded from deportation, thanks to the controversial Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) amnesty program.

“Those Who Can Must Take a DREAMER In2 Their Home & Protect Them,” Cher wrote. “I’m Ready 2 Do This & Others in MY BUSINESS WILL DO THE SAME. SANCTUARY.”

The singer’s plea came in response to Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ announcement Tuesday officially ending the Obama-era program that granted temporary legal status for some 800,000 thousand people who illegally entered the U.S. with their parents as children.

“I’m here today to announce that the program known as DACA that was effectuated by the Obama administration is being rescinded,” Sessions said Tuesday to reporters at the Department of Justice.

President Trump’s decision to end DACA fulfilled a major campaign promise. The move has sparked intense backlash from major business leaders and Hollywood stars, many of whom have promoted pro-DACA rallies in front of Trump Tower in New York City.


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  • Charlie Read

    good now she can be charged for aiding and abiding a felon,,,, lol

  • Ron

    wonder how many she will claim to help . Bet there will be none in her house(s) except maybe her servants .

  • Allen

    Is she opening her doors for them? Talk is cheap.

    • GI Joe

      of course not…just like the Pope isn’t taking down the walls around his country (Vatican)…

  • Brian E

    If Cher and all her friends want to do something, let them sponsor these people for citizenship and take responsibility for them and the debts that they have. If they don’t want to become citizens, kick them out, obviously there is someplace else they would rather be a citizen of.

  • Ken V

    Send all her illegals and their greaser friends back to their country of origin. What part of illegal do you idiots not understand?

  • the hermit


  • kate777

    Many of the people who want to save DACA do not understand why the U.S. as well as any other country has Immigration Laws which need to obeyed. The various churches and church leaders cry out to save DACA but they do not understand that they are breaking the law when they shield illegal immigrants. The people came to the U.S. through illegal means, they have thrived on the taxpayers money as well as many, not all, have broken other laws than just the immigration laws, and yes that includes children and young adults. We have witnessed it all across the U.S., the News Media tries to control much of the bad news that the illegal immigrants do but sometimes it has to be reported, such as the various killings, robberies, vandalisms, ID thief, etc. And yes, it happens. Ask those who have had their ID’s stolen, which by the way is spreading. Young children are used to commit various crimes too such as shoplifting. It all costs us and will continue to cost us all because this will not stop illegal immigration as it will just encourage more to come who have not come here legally. We need and Deserve the Border Wall as we the Taxpayers in the long run will be paying for it, regardless of what anyone says. And we Deserve the right to tell Congress that enough is enough, that as Taxpayers they need to pay attention to Americans, We the People. DACA needs to be vanquished period. We did not split up the families, they did it themselves, the parents split up the family, the parents must be held accountable, even those who say some of those children were abused in their family in the country they came from….that is still that countries responsibility, now ours. Emotions are easy to play on as to DACA but we did not create this problem, Obama and his Administration created this problem as well as Past Presidents when they did not uphold the rule of law in Immigration. Play all the violins you want, the facts are, this is a mess but it Has To Stop, and Has To Stop Now before it get even worse.

    • GI Joe

      Because the teachers and college “professors” teach our young how to be stupid, en masse…

  • blackwingA520

    Hey Cher!, don’t help the poor, LEGAL residents of this Country. How many of OUR people (including children) are homeless and hungry and could use a roof over their head?

    • Larry Shriver

      That would require all the dumb asses like her, Alec Baldwin, Whoopie Goldberg, etc, to think abut someone other than themselves and their own inflated egos. I wonder how much these types have given to help with the Harvey disaster ???? What these bleeding heart types don’t stop to realize is that all these illegals medical bills and other life-sustaining services are paid for by the legal residents of the U S.
      But these same people said they WOULD MOVE OUT OF THE U S IF TRUMP WAS ELECTED, so why do they give a shit about what happens here? GO AHEAD AND LEAVE LIKE YOU SAID YOU WERE GOING TO…………and take the illegals with you.

  • blackwingA520

    How many of you Liberal POS protesters are giving your own money to help the “Dreamers”? Yeaaaah I didn’t think so.

  • Velma Saccone

    Let all those who want to protect the illegals take them into their homes and support them. I am tired of illegals in my country who don’t belong here. Send them back to where they came from and if they truly want to be an American, then let them come in the legal way.

  • Richard

    Send them ALL home, get them out. A judge should ask two questions only, are you in this country illegally, then what country did you come from. Deportation is the next action, the backlog would get a lot shorter. Who gives a damn why they came here illegally, that can be settled when they request legal entry.

  • Albert Maloof

    Send the bill to Cher.

  • David

    While it IS Biblical to help ‘strangers’ (aka aliens), [ I was a stranger, and you welcomed me….Truly I say to you, in that you have done it to the least of these my brethren you have done it to me-Matthew 25:35-40] it ISN’T BIBLICAL to ignore the laws (like Cher advocates) instituted by Governments unless they DIRECTLY contradict what God say to do/not do (for Governments are allowed to continue in existence by God and he over-throws them when it suits him). BTW- it isn’t FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE to invest in something/someone and deport them before the debt can be paid back.

  • cp123

    So how many is Cher houinh in her home. She has more than enough room for 20.

    • blackwingA520

      cp123– Cher probably has more than one house, possibly even 3 or 4, I think she should give 2 or 3 of them to some illegal families in need.

  • Janis

    Cher is proof positive that injecting crap into you face causes brain damage!

  • GI Joe

    Well Cher, how about at your mansion so ICE knows where to pick them up???

  • Ken Schneider

    Larry Shriver, I agree if thats what the Dumb Asses want let them support them. We will have more money to support are own for a change !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AZcowboy

    Back in the 60s songwriter Sonny Bono was having a coffee in LA when he spotted a native girl wandering in the street hopeless and no future. She got his attention. He got acquainted with her and noted “she doesn’t know how to sing but I’ll train her”. They got married later. Her name is Cherilyn or Cher. When Sonny Bono died in a freaky ski accident in Colorado, Cher inherited his big fortune and a mansion that she needs an army of illegals to tend for this huge real estate. These illegals will work for her like slaves. If she wants some fixes on drugs they can help her on that too. And sex, why not.