Church Warns the Public: It Is Not A ‘Gun Free Zone’

Since the latest mass shooting of the Baptist Church in Texas, some churches have taken it upon themselves to warn of the consequences for anyone with ideas for their congregation. They have made it abundantly clear what to expect.

Lighthouse Mexico Church of God, a Pentecostal church in New York, decided to display a message reading, “We Say It Again. We Are Not A Gun Free Zone.”

Ronald Russell, the pastor of the church had this to say to Fox News’ Ainsley Earhardt on Monday:

EARHARDT: So why did you decide to do this?

RUSSELL: To send a strong message that it’s not gonna happen in our church. I have like 40 kids, and they’re very valuable to us, and to have someone think they’re going to come in and shoot the place up — that’s not going to happen.

EARHARDT: You say — we’re looking at the sign right now — it says: “We say it again. We are not a gun free zone.” You’ve done this before, right?

RUSSELL: Yes we have. We’ve noticed in times past, ever since Sandy Hook, that these individuals — whether it’s in Sandy Hook, whether it’s in San Bernardino — people like to go to gun-free zones to shoot ‘em up. And we’re just putting out a warning that we believe in the Second Amendment, and we do carry, and it’s not going to happen in our church.


  • John Toth


    • Apolloone

      I’m certain that a killer looking for a place to murder the innocent such as a church would choose the church that doesn’t allow carry. I’m also convinced during the many murdering sprees in the past few years had some of the victims been carrying the deaths and injuries would have been much less, especially at Fort Hood where the Murdering Maniac Nadal Hussien, a Muslim murdered and injured his fellow soldiers like sitting ducks, amazing isn’t it, as usual the killer’s are armed and their victims are Not.

      • ARJAY

        So much for so called “GUN FREE ZONES”!!

        If CRIMINALS obeyed the LAW (MURDER is against the law, ALWAYS), not just when a firearm is used, there would be no reason to have ANY UNCONSTITUTIONAL infringements on the 2nd Amendment!!

        But CRIMINALS break the law when they MURDER, so using the anti-2nd Amendment GUN GRABBERS “logic”, we need MORE laws against MURDER.

        That would SOLVE the problem of MURDER, wouldn’t it?!?! Because the MORE ILLEGAL you make something, the CRIMINALS will finally, somehow start OBEYING THE LAW, right?!

        So much for the “logic” of the left!!!

      • rothgar

        I note that by definition since Texas allows concealed carry the church in Texas was not a necessarily a gun free zone. The shooter appears likely to have been interested in doing maximum damage to people he hated before ending his own life. Which is exactly what happened.

        If Single person shooter games are really the cause of these shootings (as the NRA claims) being a gun free zone doesn’t matter. Name a first person shooter where the player doesn’t face armed opponents. Blowing away armed opponents is part of the fun.

    • ARJAY

      I like THEIR idea, too! That’s why my church allows weapons in our church!!

  • Estell Newton

    Strange that areas where open carry is allowed have far less gun violence than where guns are banned.

    • ARJAY

      It’s really a “no-brainer” concept, isn’t it?!

      For that reason alone the leftist libTURD democRAT SHOULD be able to “get it”, shouldn’t they (they have no brains)!!

      • Estell Newton

        My guess in the real reason the transgenders, if that’s what they really are, just want in the women’s prison to rape the female prisoners.