CNN Discusses Ad Boycotts

CNN’s Brian Stelter called the recent ad boycotts caused by David Hogg against Fox News Channel’s Laura Ingraham “dangerous.”

“Are ad boycotts the right answer here?” Stelter questioned. “I’m personally pretty wary of this. I think it’s dangerous to see these ad boycott attempts happening more and more often in this country. My view is let’s not shut down anyone’s right to speak. Let’s meet their comments with more speech. Let’s try to respond that way.”

Do you think these boycotts are fair?


  • Santiago Tello

    How can a high school kid whose entire life experience is limited to playing with Mary Jane’s pink panties in his room be pushed by Pravda to affect our 2nd amendment rights!? Keep and eye on this kid, he is the darling of the communists just like barak HUSSEIN obama.

  • Thomas Portue

    Ive already called those businesses on the boycotting list that i deal with. Get out of politics or lose my business for ever . This can work both ways Allstate. Definitely not in
    “ good hands” with this .

  • 8_sofia31

    I Believe HOGGS have an agenda to benefit his own interest. Doctrination by the left is sooo sad. Between him & Gonzalez with a Cuban a communist flag is sad. Wake-up young people the socialist/communist NEVER stop manipulation for their own agenda. There is NOT another country on Earth like dear America/USA so stop ! Educated yourself to the max.

    • Terry Butts

      In many of his appearances he has mimicked exact poses down to facial expressions HITLER used as he was making his rise to power. In fact the only difference between one of them and an image of hitler as he attended a boat being launched was that hitlers hand was open and the kids hand was clenched in a fist.

    • Byron

      Yes 8_sofia31,educate your self to the max. It takes a billion dollars to run for president. Congress has become a forum for legalized bribary. The president has uttered over 2000 lies and misleading statements since taking office and his own party doen not even care … a gun cult holds congress hostage and computer designed gerrymandering enables candidates to pick their voters,not the voters picking the candidates.

      • KingDon

        You just may have the current president confused with the latest past president.

        • maggie in florida

          Right King, maybe he hasn’t caught up wth the future yet. If our guns are removed, only the bad guys will have guns and then there will be more and more shootings because we cannot defend ourselves. Is that what is wanted? Maybe Byron is one of that group that will have guns to kill and rob us innocent folks when we cannot defend ourselves. BTW I am an elephant (Republican) elephants remember forever what jackasses(democrats) (there are some good democrats so hope they do not take offense) do. Trump has not changed the food for the kids in school to make them dependent, he has put prayer, Christian and Jewish prayer back in, where obuma ordered muslim kids have a place to pray 2 times a day, parents should be able to take back control of their kids that O took away, with the parents permission, no history taught in school per O so kids would not know the whys.

      • rick meek

        Are you on drugs and where have you been – Rigged elections – Stolen Secrets – Secrets Sold – countless millions spent on a 160K job a year – Foreign Intel agents TURNED DOWN buying 411 on the latest projects under design and can only be due to the fact that they already HAVE the 411….Go retire somewhere – Humanity is tired of your kind….

    • shetland pony1

      What’s the difference between the Left and Right? Democrats and Republicans?

  • Rob Driscoll

    These add boycotts are fine. I have a right to buy, or not buy, from a company if I dont like their political agenda. If they dont want to have people boycott them- quit putting your views on issues out there. Businesses run the risk of alienating people when they choose a side. Boycotting is fine as long as the other side doesnt complain when they are botcotted.

  • Gilbert Levy

    This disilusioned “BOY” desperately needs psychological counseling.

  • A_patriot

    Boycotts can be viewed as a form of freedom of speech. But, they must be used judiciously and not simply as a reactionary response. Hogg is a little dweeb and is being used, whether he’s aware of it or not. If it’s his intention to silence someone who disagrees with his point-of-view, he has much to learn about our Republic. Likely he failed, or never took Civics, if so, he doesn’t deserve to graduate this year.

  • Edgar Carpenter

    The sad part of all this is that the companies rolled over for this snot nosed gun grabbing communist. The companies have demonstrated the utter lack of any common sense or sense of business acumen at all. Witness what happened to that stupid sporting goods store that decided to join the gun grabbers. They just may be in bankruptcy court soon.

  • Gail Battistella

    I agree with the comments below. Hogg is a whining little spoiled brat looking for some attention and definitely competent to lead anything, let alone this group going in the wrong direction.

  • Kenneth Sturgill

    Boycotts can go both ways and I believe this practice divides the people and hardens the hearts of everyone. Loving everyone is not only a Biblical command but is a moral standard to becoming a nation or a society. Everyone has a right to exist and have their beliefs as long as it doesn’t violate others rights and beliefs. Love doesn’t violate or harm others from the least thing to the largest thing imaginable.

  • pFeather

    Ad boycotts like the one against Laura Ingraham are un-American, coercion, intimidation and an attack on free speech. The sponsors that abandoned Laura should be ashamed of themselves for knuckling under to the intimidation of the Soros backed Hogg. Also the boycott door swings both ways and I and many others have decided to boycott those businesses that succumbed to the Soros strong-arm tactics.

  • BillB

    I would watch him closely, as he may be headed down the same road as the shooter he is railing about! He seems very unstable to me.

  • When they lose their asses maybe the stock holders of the companies will send the Hogg/Pigg a Thank You card.

  • no i dont think it is by a child especially and one that cant make up his mind if he was at the school or at his home

  • Mark Roberts

    Take a good look at the anger in the face of this kid. This is the face of the next Joseph Stalin.

  • Terry Butts

    Businesses are not supposed to be POLITICAL PROPAGANDISTS and that is all this boils down to their “PROMOTE OUR APPROVED UNCONSTITUTIONAL POLITICAL AGENDA as news or else we pull our advertising”.

    If a businesses owner did this because the media spoke out against their RELIGIOUS beliefs the same people PRAISING the ones demanding the CONSTITUTION be violated or else would throw a fit stating they GAVE UP THEIR RIGHT TO RELIGION FREEDOM when they became a public business well if that is true then they gave up ALL RIGHTS including imposing their POLITICAL BELIEFS upon the public much less EXTORTING the news into only showing what promotes their agenda or they will drop their adds costing the media revenue.

  • William

    David Hogg has an idea here. If we don’t like how a News Station, like CNN, is Reporting, we can simply contact it’s sponsors and tell them we are boycotting their Product(s)!

  • Steve

    This boy, child, young man is nothing more than a pond for the left media. Is will fall and fall hard. Already left schools do not want him. He is trouble and these schools don’t want to deal with him.

  • Morty Katz

    What’s good for the goose

  • Mister007

    Why are they paying any attention to this little boy? If they do they are doomed because we in fly fly over country don’t follow the communist rule, we think free.

  • jmac67

    As I have more than once, this kid is a tool, before and since this attack. He was a tool before as evidenced by his attitude and actions and he is a tool of the anti gun crowd. A dangerous tool at that.

  • KingDon

    This kid’s just another phony wannabe famous con artist. Not a bad actor berfor the cameras, but he’ll never get an award from the Academy. And it’ll be too hard for him to find a part to play. There have already been too many movies made about Mussolini and Hitler – both of which he looks like with his hand jutting into the air when he babbles. He might, however, pass for Che Chavez if he can grow a decent face full of hair.

  • Mac147

    No it is not right but the only reason a CNN broadcaster is bring this up is because CNN has done the same thing & they are afraid that they will be the next ones hit. Because I guarantee you are going to see more middle of the road people you know us deplorable folks that elected President Trump who CNN hates with a passion start to call & demand the same deal because we most probably purchase more everyday items then you good folks suspect. Oh I am sure I am wrong because CNN would never lie or mislead us HAHAHA :-)Mac147

  • Babbo

    Thank you educational system for creating this ignorant little communist.

  • Rodney

    Business should NEVER engage in politics or religion. Two rails of life that should never be stepped on by anyone. It’s okay to talk about, but never ever use as a policy in you everyday life.

  • John

    CNN actually got something right!

  • rick meek

    Hogg loves the attention and being in the spotlight but when some pi**ed off nut gets to him – He’ll scream his a** off…

  • pxxat5

    Hogg and his child army, do not use can not use or buy the products, of the advertisers he is extolling to boycott Laura Ingraham, they are being led like the Sheep they are. If you don’t stand for nothing, you will fall for anything, and they have fell flat on their unpatriotic faces. We Americans are not afraid of a little harsh words, a little criticism, or funny pun poked our way. We are so strong and resolute we even ingrained it in our Constitution and Bill of Rights.. the “Freedom of Speech”., so that all my state what ever thought is on their mind, and have it debated with WORDS, in lieu of fists in the court of public opinion. Little Mr.Hogg and his leftist accomplices, has reach back into one of the darkest times in recent history and revived the spirit of Nazism, boycotting, burning, and propagandizing, telling the Big Lie, loud enough and long enough until it has drowned out the truth,… can “Kristallnacht” be far behind?