CNN’s Latest Hypocrisy, Here’s What They Said

CNN is once again showing its liberal leanings by making comments about President Donald Trump’s letter to Nancy Pelosi. Comments that are in stark contrast to the ones made about Pelosi’s letter.

Unsurprisingly, CNN’s Jim Acosta was the first to speak out. He referred to the president’s actions as “childish” after Trump informed Pelosi that her plans to visit other countries would need to be postponed until a resolution on the shutdown could be reached. 

Acosta claimed that, “Our nation’s capital has officially become a playground.”

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However, this response is completely opposite of how fellow CNN reporter Jake Tapper reacted to the letter Pelosi originally sent to Trump.

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sending a clear message to President Trump,” Tapper said, “this is my House.”

“Pelosi telling the president to postpone the State of the Union address scheduled for January 29th,” he continued, “or deliver it in writing as presidents of yore once did.”

These contrasting reactions further demonstrate how CNN panders to the left, chastising the president for something they praised themselves for only days before.