Coast Guard ‘will not break faith’ with trans

Coast Guard officials reached out personally to their transgender service members to express support after President Trump’s announcement of a new policy barring transgender people in the military, according to Commandant Adm. Paul Zukunft.

“The first thing we did is we reached out to all 13 members of the Coast Guard who have come out” as transgender, Zukunft told attendees at a Center for Strategic and International Studies event in Washington.

Zukunft said he contacted Lt. Taylor Miller, the Coast Guard’s first openly transitioning officer who was featured in a Washington Post article last week.

“If you read that story, Taylor’s family has disowned her. … And I told Taylor, I will not turn my back. We have made an investment in you and you have made an investment in the Coast Guard and I will not break faith,” Zukunft said.

“And so that was the commitment to our people right now. Very small numbers, but all of them are doing meaningful Coast Guard work today.”

The Coast Guard operates under the Department of Homeland Security but is a branch of the U.S. Armed Forces and would fall under the transgender ban.

Zukunft added that he then reached out to now former Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly — who became White House chief of staff on Monday — who in turned reached out to Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.

“We’ve stood up a tiger team of our [Judge Advocate General’s Corps] officers,” Zukunft said, referring to the legal branch of the Coast Guard.

Trump last week declared on Twitter that the military would “not accept or allow” transgender people to serve “in any capacity.” The president said in the tweet that he had made the decision after consultation with “my Generals and military experts.”

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  • Dealerdeb1

    He can beg the man in the moon too but Military must obey CIC orders end of subject! or be fired. Obama fired straight men didn’t he to put openly Gay people at the top and shove his bi-sexual gay agenda down real men’s craw.

    • hcool

      Or spend time in jail (prison) with a dishonorable discharge.

    • Chuck

      Based on Obama’s overall behavior while in office, his transgender/gay policies, in the context of said overall behavior can ONLY BE SEEN AS CALCULATEDLY DESTRUCTIVE!!!!!

  • Earl Nicholas

    Today’s Commentary: Article 88 — North
    Korea’s targets in US — The new FBI Director — What
    Happened — Why Left wants to expand Mueller investigation
    — News Bits



    At an event in Washington, Coast Guard Admiral Paul Zukunft
    spoke out against President Trump’s decision that the
    military will no longer allow transgender recruits. Zukunft
    said, “We reached out to all 13 members of the Coast
    Guard who have come out” as transgender, and he told one,
    “I will not turn my back. We have made an investment in
    you and you have made an investment in the Coast Guard and I
    will not break faith.”

    All very moving, but there’s a problem. Despite the
    endless tantrums of those who refuse to accept the results of
    the election, Trump is the Commander-in-Chief of the US
    military. Aside from insubordination for refusing to comply
    with a direct order from the CIC, there’s also Article 88
    of the US Uniform Code of Military Justice: “Any
    commissioned officer who uses contemptuous words against the
    President, the Vice President, Congress, the Secretary of
    Defense” (and a list of other
    officials)…“shall be punished as a court-martial
    may direct.” Maximum punishment is “dismissal,
    forfeiture of all pay and allowances, and confinement for one

    If you scoff at that, note that over 100 soldiers have been
    punished for insulting political figures, including Abe
    Lincoln. In 1993, Air Force Gen. Merrill A. McPeak was in line
    for Joint Chiefs Chairman until he referred to Bill Clinton as
    a draft-dodging, pot-smoking skirt chaser. He was forced into
    early retirement. And Gen. Stanley McChrystal was removed from
    his command post in Afghanistan after Rolling Stone quoted him
    making disparaging remarks about President Obama.

    Bottom line: if you’re a late night talk show host or
    a CNN talking head, you can badmouth Trump all you want. But if
    you are in the military chain of command and you badmouth your
    CIC and announce that you won’t comply with policy handed
    down from your superior officers, you’d better have an
    alternate career plan.


    Mike Huckabee

  • JC

    Simply replace the Admiral and discharge him from the Navy—end of story

    • Ron

      General Court martial is better. That way he receives no pay.

      • hcool

        And maybe no retirement!

  • hankmacaw

    Sweetpea Adm. Zuknuft you can either obey orders or you can take a long walk on a short plank. You like them Trannys then quit the service and go live with them.

  • Prof49

    I’d say there’s a USCG Admiral that needs to be relieved of his post for insubordination. My mother-in-law was very proud to have been a Coastie SPAR during WWII–she’d be rolling over in her grave.

  • gvette

    I guess he doesn’t want to disrupt all that dick sucking that Barry thinks so much about! When queers make the rules, the end is near!

  • JC

    Simply replace the Admiral and discharge him from the Coast Guard—end of story

    • Nastyoldone

      NO not discharge,Court Martial. NO more benefits NO pay.

  • Ron

    Trump is correct. Any defiance of his order, as commander and chief of the armed forces, is cause for general court martial.

    • Nastyoldone

      NOW! End of story.

  • ClarenceDeBarrows

    Trump is Commander in Chief! This Coast Guard officer should be replaced NOW.

  • Carolann Enkhaus

    The president is the commander in chief….he gives the orders, the military follows them.
    Any military leader who refuses to follow orders should be removed from their leadership poisition, court martialed and given a dishonorable discharge.

  • ReaperHD

    Another one of OBLOZO gays in charge of CG.

  • Michael J Tomarchio

    I guess MacArthur is getting a kick out of this, shows everybody just how far the “Snowflakes” developed during the “Obamanation” Drum him OUT of the Corps, we need men who serve, not who want to be serviced!

  • ch

    So you are willing to put everyone in the Coast Guard at risk for the sake of 13 mentally misplaced people who don’t know who the hell they really are. Tell you what, you personally–not me or the taxpayers–pay for their trans surgery and if they can still pass ALL the qualifications including NO hormone therapy then (which is why diabetics and people with epilepsy can’t serve) and pass a pysch evaluation that that aren’t messed up by pretending to be something they are not, then you can rethink the issue on allowing them to stay or join.

  • baitmando

    Ef him. Cut their budget until they comply.

  • littlerocker

    You will, sir, obey the commander and chief or you will be forced into early retirement.

  • Paladin

    Can his a$$!!!

  • rivahmitch

    So… apparently Zukunft is prepared to submit his resignation or be discharged for insubordination;-) No loss there as he received his promotion to Commandant from the Kenya muslim/marxist (probably part of its “destroy the real leaders” program for the military)..

  • lano

    if you are a war fighter not a hospital case and serve with honor welcome! DO NOT USE THE MILITARY TO PAY FOR YOUR CHANGE!

  • Shelba Herring

    And what is going to happen to the transgenders that want the taxpayers via the VA to pay for a sex change is this Admiral going to pay for it out of his pocket because this medical procedure will cost a lot of money to do and then maintain the gender swap, the president said the VA would not be libel for this unnecessary surgery it is not a condition caused by military service

  • Durwood Walker

    Notice how close his name comes to Admiral “Unfit?” And maybe the “Zuk” should be “Suck.” Get rid of this jerk, President Trump! These people (used loosely – ’cause those of his ilk are animals) want to corrupt every last vestige of America

  • jim jones

    We need NORMAL non perverted millitery personal

  • Linda Schulte

    I don’t care if they want to serve, but I don’t believe that the taxpayers should have to pay for their sex change or hormones, which is all cosmetic. My insurance will not pay for anything cosmetic. That’s just another burden on all taxpayers, we don’t need.

    • marah natha

      They also should be in uniform. No wigs, bracelets, pumps or anything un-military.

  • mikegru

    I think he might be a transgender looks like a puzzy

    • marah natha

      I was thinking he seems gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! I liked don’t ask, don’t tell. I wish everyone would maintain a private life.

  • Kurt Kruse

    While it’s perhaps sweet that the Coast Guard Commander wants to support the transgender folks found within his sub branch of our military,it’s also irrelevant. If and when President Trump determines that he wants make his voice and decision the rule of law,he can and he will. Those who wear any military service uniform, and fail to enact the commander in chiefs rule forthwith will become subject’s of meaningful steps which,have enabled our military to act in a cohesive manner and disciplined manner for decades..If commandant Adm..Paul Zukunft is under some misconception that he is the rule maker and rule breaker he’s goings to have some very serious opportunities to dwell on both his stupid and misguided actions. Millions in all of our military branch’s will fall on their swords for their chain of command, but none will respect this fool.

  • marah natha

    Why not? They already broke faith with their heterosexuals. And since when do women in the military not dress just like men? Combat boots and all. I am sad the family rejects a member who needs help, though. Family is family.

  • Chuck

    The Commander-in-Chief has given an order and the commanding officer of the Coast Guard is “not going to break faith” with trannies? When Shore Patrol or the Coast Guard equivalent come for him and arrest him for DISOBEYING A DIRECT ORDER FROM HIS MOST SENIOR OFFICER, will he still stand by his mutinous behavior?