Colin Powell Slaps Down Hillary’s Email Alibi

As if this political season couldn’t get any weirder, Hillary Clinton ended up making an enemy out of Colin Powell, quite possibly the hardest guy to make an enemy out of.

Here’s how she did it! 

When she was being interviewed by the FBI about her email scandal, she must have panicked, and like any senile old racist white lady, she blamed the first black guy she could. And that guy was… Colin Powell!!

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OK I’m paraphrasing but she DID say Colin Powell told her it would be perfectly fine to use her private email. She probably thought this wouldn’t get out because she never mentioned it in public. But it DID leak, and now Colin Powell is denying any of it ever happened.

And Hillary has made a mortal enemy.

Watch below:

And seriously, who makes an enemy out of Colin Powell?! Hillary, that’s who!!


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