Comey Is Trying To Look Like A Hero

Political analyst John Heilemann told MSNBC that FBI Director James Comey’s interviews with ABC seems like an attempt to make himself look like “the hero of the resistance.”

Heilemann stated, “The interesting thing about that is that Comey comes into this moment as sort of a man without a country, right? Democrats are unhappy in 2016 for having supposedly taken the election away from Hillary Clinton. Republicans are now unhappy with him. He doesn’t have a natural constituency.”

“What I want to say about Comey is that he’s now in the business of selling books. That’s what he’s doing. He’s going out to sell a book that’s going to be number one on ‘The New York Times’ bestseller list. He wants to sell a million books. He’s in the book marketing business. And if you’re Jim Comey and know you don’t have a natural constituency with either the liberals or the conservatives, I feel like he made a choice. He’s going out, and he’s basically decided I’m going to decide I’m going to be the hero of the resistance. I’m going to attack Trump in this language you’re talking about. I’m going to have my wife on ABC last night provided video of how she was at the Women’s March, and he talked about his wife and daughter being supporters of the Hillary Clinton. He tried to cast himself last night — if he had to make a choice, he wanted to say, ‘Here is why what I did to Hillary Clinton wasn’t so bad, guys. Trust me, my wife and daughter are big fans of Hillary Clinton. I’m going to basically rhetorically put myself in a position where I got to claim a country. The country I’ll be on is the anti-Trump liberal side of the aisle. That’s who I’ll try to sell these books to.”

  • warren

    Comey is pathetic! He was fired, his firing was justified, he’s just a disgruntled employee! He has absolutely no integrity and nothing he says can be trusted. It’s true, the only thing he has left is promoting his book, in order to cash in. Again, an absolutely pathetic liar!!!

    • RC

      Comey is trying very hard to cover his ass. He’s a pretty good actor and probably belongs in Hollywood after he gets out of prison. Actually though, I’d be willing to bet he, Hillary and the rest of the wrong doers over the past years will go down in the phony history they’re teaching in schools as “Great Patriots!” That is wrong!

  • Wenda Kennedy

    I think that Comey’s tour put the conservative Congressmen over the edge. They sent that demand to the DOJ yesterday to legally go after the Obama people and Hillary. I think that Comey’s big mouth was just the last straw in whole string of insults. He’s burying himself by running his mouth. He admitted on national TV that he lied — as head of the FBI. I guess he’s never heard of the Flynn case, or the firing of his old sidekick, “Andy”. Maybe he doesn’t believe that the IG’s report is really coming…

    Then Comey added the political angle on his decision to reopen the Clinton email case — another admitted-to crime. Either Comey is legally stupid, or he’s “playing the dozens” — he thinks that if he talks enough, the long arm of the law won’t come after him. He’s like the chippy little chick who thinks she too cute to go to jail. But he’s done it all on TV. Like I said — stupid!

  • rick meek

    Comey is busy playing the victim……the POS….

  • Jaron Gant Joyner

    Comey is a Disgrace and a Disgusting Fool-And hopefully. Shall go to Jail-In the Future.

  • Frank

    Whatever anyone thinks of Comey, what really bothered me was that he went on TV with that looser Steve Colbert who has nothing else to do but make jokes about Trump. And now he has another chump to parade and say to the people, here is another person who hates Trump like me. He’s the fool of the court Jester, the King of Fools, Steve Colbert. I don’t like to hear people called “illrelevant” or a “has been” but Colbert seemed to loose his talent over night and is now a joke and a huge tool. He lost himself and Comey is tailor made to be his idiot and exploited so Colbert can snicker like a cartoon character.

    As an FBI agent he should behave with more dignity and while the FBI does often breed a cocky attitude in it’s agents, they are expected to act in a professional manner. He was cool before, but I guess now that he is out, he’s willing to sell his soul and degrade himself and focus on getting his share of the fame and wealth…. in the true Obama-esque and Hillary Clinton inspired fashion. I think he shames the FBI with his behavior. If he had just kept his mouth shut and left he’d be better respected, but that train has left for good. Now he’s just another pathetic looser joining the ranks of that brainless Pelosi and that double talking curmudgeon Schummer, the country destroying Obama and that liar of liars, Hillary Clinton and her disgraced horndog husband Bill.