Cops Turn Their Backs On NY Mayor

On Tuesday, hundreds of NYPD officers turned their backs on New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio during the funeral for assassinated officer and mother of three Miosotis Familia.

The symbolic gesture by officers toward the anti-cop mayor was reminiscent of the funeral procession for assassinated  officer Wenjian Liu back in 2015.

“Scores of officers who assembled outside the World Changers Church in The Bronx for assassinated police officer Miosotis Familia on Tuesday protested the mayor by showing the building their backs as speakers broadcast Hizzoner’s eulogy from inside,” reports The New York Post. “The officers chatted with one another or swiped through their phones during the mayoral snub.”

The mayor left his city on the taxpayers’ dime to deliver a speech outside the G-20 Summit in Germany just one day after Familia, 43, was executed for wearing a badge.

“Mr. Mayor, you didn’t have to travel to Germany for a protest — all you had to do is speak in front of the men and women of the NYPD,” said Sergeants Benevolent Association president Ed Mullins.

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  • don allen

    And i hope the voters in nyc follow suit next election.

  • Alan404

    For reasons unknown, the people of NYC, once my home town though no longer, continue to elect bums.

    • DouglasL

      It is because the boroughs are always sucked in by liberal drivel that promise to hand out anything they want, if they will just vote for them; the candidates that tell them the truth — and ask the people and downtrodden to accept responsibility and take advantage of the opportunities in front of them before crying “foul” and learn skills that will move them closer to independence — don’t get elected.

      • Alan404

        Are you saying that the general populace or that the people in general are simply that dumb?

        • DouglasL

          The voting public in the boroughs of NYC that largely subsist through increasing city dependency.

        • Frank629

          yes dumb and LAZY.

  • Rock

    They elect ANY P 0 S with Democrat or liberal ties… Then wonder why businesses leave their state, people leave their state, and their state in general $ U C K $.

    • Juanita

      Just wait until as Margaret Thatcher said, “they run out of other people’s money.” People of means leave their state. Businesses leave their state. They cannot tax what does not exist.

    • enubus

      Unfortunately, just like California.

    • pappy450

      The State is not bad, it is the IDIOTS that are running it. (we “Northern’s” cannot OUTVOTE the COMMUNIST LIBERALS coupled with voter fraud from the big cities) So we have to endure the continued corruption that plagues this State. Case and points..”governor”.Cuomo that accepted soros MONEY, bloomburg,schumer, gillibrand, and the “demopcrat /rino SCUM that infest our state “government” in Albany. In fact, a “judge” just let one of those corrupt scum GO (Silver) After he was supposed to be imprisoned for his crimes.(and never was)

      • Richard Schultz

        He’s a shallow Liberal Ass Kissing Narcissist


    The Mayor is a disgrace to the People,the City an the Nation.VOTE HIM OUT or RECALL HIM

    • Gene Syms

      I couldn’t agree more, De Blasio as mayor of NYC is about as useful as ‘MAMMARIES on a BULL’.

      • Gary Smith

        Well said

  • Ironmike4610

    De BastartdO need to go. And GO for good!!! Preferably 6ft under!

  • Forever American

    Good move for the NYPD. Back you 100%

  • patriotazdes

    He deserves to be impeached or whatever you do to get rid of a mayor. He is a disgrace to the office.

  • Chuck

    I understand New York has a rat problem; and the biggest rat is their Mayor!
    Recall Him.

  • George Reed

    They should have turned their back on that low life.

  • fedspy

    the leader of our country for the past 8 years set the stage for anti cop rage and attitude, its that simple. thats why mr. Trump got elected, law and order, and soon will come to the college campuses, sooner than later.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    it’s about time , they should let the rats have him

  • Joe the Nobody

    Billionaire mayor fly’s to Germany on the taxpayers dime. What a louse this piece of garbage is.

  • jim jones

    He should be in prison along with slimy clinton and her clan

  • enubus

    I think he will get skunked by former NYPD detective Bo Dietl in the next election. Warren Wilhelm aka Commie De Blasio is a real puke.

  • John Wolf

    Put your pussy hats on NYC and march with the gay pride parade, black lives matters and praise the Muslims while they destroy your city and your lives. Don’t blame Billy de Blomo you voted for him into office knowing he was a piece of crap and if you didn’t you should have stayed away from drugs boys and girls, instead of prancing in the streets with pink knit panties on your head while wearing your pants below your knees and swinging a colored dildos high in the air you should have taken some time off to select an honorable mayor.

    New Yorker’s should have a debt of gratitude for the rest of the nation for saving them from total devastation if Hillary won the election. Crooked Hillary would have made little Billy boy feel like nothing more than a thorn stuck deep into a boil on a New Yorker’s Butt trying to go potty on a stump. Imagine the pain Hillary would have caused you folks. Don’t cry people just start thinking about the people you elect and do some research.

    • Richard Pope

      . . . . The biggest problem as in most of CAs cities is that the number of illegals living there are huge. The go vote illegally and they almost always vote for the communists and help these traitors maintain control of the large cities and some of the states such as CA and NY. This is why they so opposed to enforcement of the immigration laws. All illegals in the country have committed felonies by just entering the country without permission.
      GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

      • John Wolf

        I agree, the last time I was in CA I was walking north from muscle beach and at the intersection a swat teams swarmed in like bees and stopped the people from moving into the intersection. Cornering all access points so nobody was in the center of the intersection I calmly walked up to one of the officers that was farthest back and asked him what was going on, he said they were expecting three different gangs to start a fight in this area and most likely would have guns. I asked him if it would be a lot less dangerous if they stopped them prior to getting to their destination smack dab in the hart of a tourist destination where thousands of tourist and Californians are located for a day at the beach, And shouldn’t you be facing the opposite direction and not at each other if you wanted to stop them from entering the intersection or are you expecting them to be teleported into the center of the square in a rather sarcastic tone. His reply was less than admirable for a police officer or for anybody for that matter. This was just a show of force to let the little people know how much they are needed. The gangs could be rounded up in less than a week and deported or put in prison but what would the police departments do with all that gear and their superior stupidity? Our government does not want to stop this problem gangs are business for the prison system and illegals are good for thousand of government jobs and thousand more of private and religious organizations, including the Judicial system correctional system, police and all the ambulance chasing lawyers. I am afraid this is to big and to corrupt to be stopped. God Bless and prepare for Venezuela in our own back yard. John

    • Richard Schultz

      I was thinking perhaps the Gay Millinials and Transgenders Dikes and Homos, Pedaphiles and the Illegal Islams BLM Thugs and Puerto Rican Gangs could overdose on Essential Oils laced with ricin and arsenic for the ultimate high. LSD Anyone?

      • John Wolf

        Richard Schultz, one can only wish for the best but it seams some of these people can use rat poison instead of Alka Seltzer, makes me question my faith, maybe there are aliens or maybe they are just pure demons. Look at George Soros, 87 and still kicking pure evil.

  • John Wolf

    I almost forgot what my conclusion was about this story so I will give it now. This is for all the liberal morons in NYC, it is the police that make you safe, it is the police that holds the fabric of this country together even when our own Government breaks down. If the police turn there backs on a politician it has to be for a very good reason and that reason is the people of the state are not responsible for their decisions on who they put into office. This is the second time the NYPD turned there backs on a politician, time to wake the hell up NY they are armed and in short if s–t hits the fan in this country who do you think they are going to protect there family or the simple minded self indulging corrupt pee brains they risked their lives for year after year in the past. Your responsibility as a citizen is to you, your family and your community and part of your community is your police force. Responsibility also takes place at the voting poles and if you are voting for a person for any reason other than upholding our constitution you do not deserve the protection from anybody in law reinforcement.

  • 1937shirley

    New York voters should also turn their backs to him by voting this political criminal out of office.

  • DouglasL

    F**K the Mayor … he is a disgrace to the city of New York. HE ought to be put into a police uniform and made to patrol the meanest streets to know what he is asking his men to do all the while having to worry that their mayor doesn’t have their interests above his political well-being!!

  • Jackson Brannon

    DeBlasio is a POS SOB that hates Americans and hates law enforcement!! The only ones keeping him in office are the scummy Criminals that he loves like the Illegals and Moonkey Blacks as well as the Refugees!!!


    Between Cuomo and DeBlasio i am ashamed to say I live in New York

  • I guess they won’t support the lying racist terrorist loving Muslims, that are pure evil and don’t like Americans whether they are white Black or brown or of a different nationality than them, I also think these Muslims don’t like each other and would kill their own people if they thought that their own people was turning to be Christian and worshipping God as theirs is a stupid piece of wood that cannot answer their prayers or heal them of their sorrows or to heal them. That is what I think and I am being truthful as I do not worship Satan the devil like the Muslims do. God Bless America and get rid of Satan the Queers, the Lesbians and also all terrorists and terrorist lovers or the one’s that wants to go to ISIS I also think that if Americans commit to ISIS and they get caught they should be given a life sentence with hard labor. Also if they kill Americans they should be given the death sentence by hanging by the neck for supporting terrorists and killing Americans.

  • Maggietish

    The first thing the people of New York need to do is demand that the Mayor pay for his own trip and it not be paid by their tax dollars. Obviously this was a political/campaign trip for DiBlasio and American taxpayers are not responsible for politicians campaign expenses. The police had a perfect right to turn their backs on him because he continues to prove how he does not deserve any respect from anyone, anywhere, anyhow. The people of New York need to impeach DiBlasio he is totally worthless as a Mayor and certainly as a human being.

  • They who tolerate evil will be consumed by it ! And that is how deBlasio became mayor. A Christian majority being ruled by a progressive liberal minority because too many Christians ,self proclaimed, are ignorant to the consequences of sleeping with the devil,the democratic party