Dana Perino: The Real Reason for Trump’s Popularity is Because Obama Is Doing One Thing

Dana Perino is one of the best political pundits, having been the White House spokesperson for the last Republican president, and she applies her political wisdom to explain why the Donald is so popular right now.

Watch below:

Dana explains that it’s because Obama has been making America so weak through his incompetence that people are searching for a strong leader who will defend America’s values instead of tearing them down at every turn.

And for many people, the anti-Obama is Donald Trump.

The Donald has been absolutely trouncing the other Republicans in the polls as we creep on towards the first primary votes in February, so we’ll see how much of his support remains after the other GOP candidates make their argument that they are the better antidote for Obama’s terrible tenure as President…

What do you think? Is Dana right or is there something else that makes the Donald so popular? Let us know in the comments below!!


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