Dem Says Bomb Scare Exceeds Lincoln’s Assassination

MSNBC contributor and historian Jon Meacham spoke about the recent bomb threats made against political commentators and Democratic politicians.

He claims the threats “exceed the scope” of former President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination.

“It’s, I think, the most widespread attempt on the lives of high American officials since, and it may, in fact, exceed the scope since the assassination plot against Abraham Lincoln in 1865. The potential for disaster was enormous, the scope of it is fascinating and I think that what it tells us is that in every era of great political strife in this country there has been some manifestation of that strife in terms of violence,” Meacham said on “Morning Joe.”


    bullshit – nho one died did they?

  • Skyknight2

    However, it would have made major progress on draining the swamp.

    • rfrichey

      Yea, I was thinking the same thing. To bad it was all a hoax set up by the demon-crats.

      • Skyknight2

        I agree it is a hoax. What I want to know is if this so called bomber is on psychotropic drugs like all the other people doing the mass shootings and this guy is a pawn for the left wing black bag operations. The timing smells really funny.

        • RightWriter

          There, I have NO idea. Since almost all the heavy cash on the Left comes from Soros, I assume the dough for these fake bombs did, too, but beyond that I don’t know, and I really don’t care if the guy (or guys, or gal/gals) is/are druggies or not.
          I do agree the timing is…WAY too coincidental to be coincidental.

      • klsparrow

        Not one so-called fake “bomb” made it to the person addressed. This show you the IQ of the left. Before long they will say these fake bombs were worse than the Holocaust are the shooting in PA that killed 8 today. Yet this is the group that wants you to let them run the country.

        • RightWriter

          You may be right, but it’s more likely none of the bombs was INTENDED to make it to the person to whom it was addressed. After all, the perpetrator of this plot had NO reason to want to kill DEMOCRATS — THEY HIRED HIM. The idea was just to make it LOOK like someone DID want to kill Dems, so that Republicans would get the blame. So they really didn’t want to kill ANYONE, just frighten a lot of people and turn the public against those evil Republicans (again).

          I’m sure they intended to provide as little time as possible for any Republican to respond and declare his/her innocence. but the news moves SO FAST these days there will have been yet another “scandal” before Election Day, so on that score they may not have gotten what they wanted. They’ll keep trying, though!

          • Estell Newton

            I agree and have believed the democrats were some how involved all along. The money probably came from Soros.

          • RightWriter


          • klsparrow

            Rightwriter, he is some info on this so-called republican that the left likes to portray him as. Now we have the shooting in PA that they blame on the President. Yet it is Obama and democrats in congress that support and pose for pictures with Farrakhan.

            Political Registration First and foremost is the fact that he apparently only became a Republican in 2016 when Trump ran for office. In some Internet traces Sayoc even listed himself as a Democrat before 2016.For instance, on his bio he called himself a
            Democrat who was born in 1962. Also on his post he stated that Trump was a globalist not a nationalist. This was no fan of the president

            Speaking of social media, many reporters are making hay over his posts that feature attacks on left-wing billionaire George Soros, Barack Obama, and all the usual liberal suspects. But one thing few media outlets are noting is that the list of people he followed was not really filled with conservatives. He didn’t seem to have a long history of debating conservative issues with other conservatives and he did not follow prominent conservative thinkers. In fact, he hadn’t even followed President Trump

            We absolutely do not have a real conservative, here, in Cesar Sayoc. We “do not” have someone who spent years thinking about
            conservative ideas, writing about them, debating them, or talking of them. We also don’t have a life-long Republican voter here.

  • coconuisse

    If a definition of exaggeration were needed, now we have it.

  • Mike_E_V

    Oh that’s right, I almost forgot…No one died in the Lincoln assassination, right? What an idiot. Seems the token MSNBC historian forgets about the Alfred P. Murre building for starters. Revoke his history status.

    • RightWriter

      I’m not too sure the folks at MSNBC actually KNOW who did or didn’t get assassinated, or when & where. They’re ALL idiots, and I doubt they know — even collectively — enough history to pass a 5th grade exam in a not-too-good school.

  • Brian Hogan

    Standard Democrat fear mongering. Nobody died, the devices were built in such a way they wouldn’t explode, and it’s questionable if the threat was even real of a set up to give the Democrats and the fake news media a talking point. The Democrat image has been hurt by the actions of Antfia, BLM, and other activist groups they support, not to mention the call for violence by Waters, Clinton, and Holder, that they needed something to let them point their fingers at Conservative/Republicans to accuse them of being violent and dangerous. This looks a lot like the crap they tried to pull during the 2016 elections. It’s just smoke and mirrors, lies and misdirection. Like I said, standard Democrat fear mongering.

    • RightWriter

      I agree completely with your analysis. This was a PHONY plot, devised not to kill prominent Democrats, but to MAKE IT LOOK LIKE someone WANTED to kill some prominent Democrats — and WHO would do THAT, except one of those awful Republicans? Expect a TORRENT of BLAME aimed at Republicans in the next few days! They couldn’t make the blame for Brett Kavanaugh’s supposed rapes and god knows what stick, so they’re trying something else. 🙁

      • Brian Hogan

        What I worry about more then some idiot false flag being used to give republicans a bad name, is what the Democrat’s useful idiots will do if they don’t retake Congress in November. Hillary said, “The uncivility will not end until they (the Democrats) are back in power. How many real bombs are they planning to send to people. What do you want to bet the Democrats will find some way to praise the senders and blame President Trump for any bombs sent?

        • RightWriter

          You’re absolutely right — that IS a big risk, and if I were a high-profile Republican (especially office-holder) I’d be VERY careful! Some years back I worked for several GOP officials who got occasional bomb threats & such, but none of them ever got an actual explosive device. But these days they might not be so fortunate.
          I’m not sure where the rest of us — those who aren’t on the receiving end of the threats, but maybe see threatening posts on chat boards like this — draw the line. Do we report ANY threats we see online, no matter how wacky they seem, and TO WHOM do we report them? Or do we assume they’re just someone blowing smoke and do nothing — and hope we don’t wake up in a couple of days to find out that the official who was threatened — and WE saw the threat online — just got blown to smithereens?

          • Brian Hogan

            I’d say that the only thing we can do is play it by ear, if you see or hear something that might be a credible threat then report it. As to who to report it to, that’s hard to say, your guess is as good as mine. The agency that should handle a threat like that would depend on the situation at the time. One problem is, there’s nuts on both sides of the line so there’s no telling who might be a target. Considering how screwed up the health care industry is and the current medical fad of medicating instead of treating people, all the fear mongering and panic button pushing being done by the fake news media and the nut jobs themselves, there’s no telling why someone might be targeted much less who. We can only hope for the best and hope that those who are supposed to be watching are competent and on their toes. Also don’t forget there are more then people that might be targeted, there are still a lot of monument and statue haters out there. A small package left at a popular sight seeing location could be very bad and very messy. A lot of the people who do this kind of crap don’t really care about the politics as much as they care about the violence and the amount of damage they can do. Don’t forget the media loves violence and destruction, it sells newspapers and gives them something to talk about, so I wouldn’t depend on the media to try to keep things calm, they’re more likely to egg a nut job on so they can have a hot story to sell to the people.

          • mrpoohead

            Blah, blah. Of course you did. Burger flipping is required at BBQ’s.

  • jumper

    Any person that votes for any Demo-rat is as dumb as these people, how you could say something like that is beyond belief=The election loss that has driven millions insane and for many the trip was a short one.

  • Mike_E_V

    I’ve run out of vocabulary to describe these hateful individuals. They should all be standing in a circle to regurgitate what each of them spews forth. Put a toilet in the center of the circle to catch their crap.

  • DrZarkov99

    I think Meacham gave his listeners more credit for knowledge of history than they deserve. What he meant was the full scope of the plan, not just to assassinate the president, but also key members of Lincoln’s cabinet. Only Lincoln’s assassination occurred, with the rest of the plan collapsing. It was the sheer number of political figures that were sent potentially life threatening devices this time that made this a comparable event. The actual damage to the government would have been substantially less than the Lincoln plot, even if every one of the targeted figures had been killed, simply because none of them were in active key positions.

    • rfrichey

      I don’t think they were sent potentially life threatening devices with the words
      “life threatening” emphasized. The whole thing was a hoax perpetrated by the left.

      • DrZarkov99

        No, I believe this jerk really thought he was doing this to get rid of Trump opponents. They were lucky he was a moron, and didn’t know the first thing about bomb making. I voted for Trump, but there are too many crazies on both sides, and the ride is only going to get bumpier if the Democrats don’t take either the House or the Senate, which I hope happens.

        • rfrichey

          If someone really want to get rid of the misfits they would find out how to make a bomb correctly, but Of all ways to send them on to hell a bomb wold be my last option.

  • rfrichey

    Jon has sank to a new low to be associated with the likes of Joe Scarborough. Actually Jon has sank to an all time low from his upbringing by his grandfather a respected Judge. But like a lot of his peers from that generation he’s lost contact with Real Americans and what Real America is.

  • denoferth

    Increasingly it appears sending phony bombs has been an attempt to gain sympathy for the most rabid anti-Trump Democrats. Sending let’s-pretend bombs, tactic known as a “false Flag”, is done to blame the other party for the bad actions of your own party. Remember all the past instances when the Left accused the Right of doing exactly what they were guilty of themselves. Particularly now when the general public is growing increasingly more fed up with the violent antics of the leftist mobs and wacko politicians calling for even more personal attackson those they disagree with.

  • metheoldsarge

    For the past few years most acts are against Republicans or conservatives and their supporters. You had a shooting, homes of Trump supporters vandalized, harassment in restaurants or in public, letters with suspicious contents sent to Senators Cruz and Collins and death threats to name a few. All seemed to be encouraged or condoned by Democrats like Hillary, Pelosi and Waters. Instead of discouraging the popularity of Republicans and Conservatives it seems to be growing. Perhaps these bomb incidents are just a ploy in an attempt to bring sympathy votes back to Democrats.

  • Marine68

    Too bad they did not reach their marks and function as they should have.

  • Jacki Sunday Walker

    These bombs were never meant to explode per Fox News Judge Andrew Napolitano. In other words bomb scare. Was this scare in retaliation for Democrats calling for violence against Republicans. Did Sayoc get tired of Democrats calling for violence against Republicans and decide it was time for Democrats to get the violence they were calling for but in reverse, toward Democrats. Could this be karma for their actions.

  • madmemere

    Meacham is just another delusional, mentally damaged liberal nut case – -NO ONE was killed, NONE of these “duds” exploded, nor could they. Simply another “hoax” and I’d be willing to bet the “would-be” bomb maker recently had a large infusion of cash deposited in his bank account, by the DNC!!

  • RightWriter

    The only ways in which these incidents, horrifying as they were, exceed the scope o the assassination of Abraham Lincoln are 1) THERE ARE MORE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD TODAY than in 1865; 2) MORE PEOPLE, and MORE ATTEMPTED SHOOTINGS, WERE INVOLVED. But — hey, Jon Meacham, remember? — LINCOLN WAS KILLED; nobody died yesterday. And none of them was President of the United States — a position that, despite the attitude of MSNBC and some recent journalism, DOES entitle its holder to some RESPECT and some special degree of mourning. But then, we wouldn’t expect Jon Meacham to understand THAT!

  • Tk Matthews

    It may have equaled Lincoln’s if they were really real bombs and they all hit their designated targets. I don’t think they were any different than white powder in the mail.. Where was the noise about that ???????????

  • Mac Daddy

    Typical Main Stream News Lackey. If he hasn’t noticed Lincoln was murdered, he died, he took a dirt nap. As for the bombs sent out which by the way is horrendous whether you are a Republican or Democrat thank God no one was harmed physically as for mental harm only the victim knows. Hopefully the News Media & the Politicians in both Parties will come together long enough to stop these Crazy SOBs & realize that when a nut job wants to kill he will try & as we have seen use all types of weapons. So lets take a page out of recent history & not claim that they get what they deserve as in the case where the Republican Senator was shot down at a Bi-Partisan softball practice. So News personal & politicians lets try getting along for the good of the Nation, the Constitution & the American Citizens who depend on you.

  • Estell Newton

    If the fake bombs were sent to republicans they would have been cheering. And what does Lincoln have to do with this?

    • GomeznSA

      Absolutely nothing, but then again the left has attempted to redefine him as a democRAT to ‘prove’ (somehow) that they really are the party of the people, or something.

      • Estell Newton

        I agree. The republicans wouldn’t stoop to the level of the democrats.

  • GomeznSA

    Hmm, he must not be much of a historian – after all, Lincoln DIED and not a single person has been injured by the ‘fake’ bombs.

  • Rich

    Wow that is a stretcher

  • Terry Butts

    Inert devices that harmed no one is not even close to equaling the assassination of an actual president much less EXCEEDING it.

    I do not know what SCOPE he thinks it takes for ONE INDIVIDUAL to mail FAKE bombs to a list of names he knows will never be harmed by them.

    To anyone with brains who sees the facts including the timing of the event and how the media and certain politicians are now trying to DIVERT BLAME from the criminal to Trump that this was nothing more than an ANTI TRUMP publicity stunt staged for the media.

    When compared to the SCOPE of the “HARASS THEM AT WORK, IN THE STREETS, AT RESTAURANTS, IN THEIR HOMES” speeches of democrats calling for MILLIONS of US CITIZENS to be targets of DISCRIMINATION and VIOLENCE just for standing against the democrats personal political agenda of abolishing the constitutional rights of the people and turning the US into another fascist state where the government micromanages all aspects of the peoples lives.

    There is no comparison to an actual presidential assassination or the DEATH THREATS calling for Republicans and Trump supporters or even Trump himself to be murdered over nothing more than not blindly supporting the democrats POLITICAL BELIEFS they then claim these “DEATH THREATS” (violating US laws) was JUST A JOKE when called out for making them.

  • Scott Massie

    The fake bombs was clearly a Radical Left Democrat Stunt just before the midterms. If a Republican would have done this all the bombs would have gotten to the targets and gone off. And the perpetraitor would not have been driving around town with a billboard with Clinton’s decals plastered on the vehicle. However the attack on the Republicans at a softball game nearly killing Steve Scalise a ranking House Rep was a real attack more like the Lincoln assassination. The evil bastards think we are all idiots and that we do not to see what is going on here!