Democrat Admits They Are Giving In

Rep. Luis Gutierrez, who was recently interviewed on MSNBC, spoke about the Democratic determination of a spending bill that is planned to give the government funds until February 8th. He expressed his worry and disillusionment because, “they’re caving.”

“I’m disillusioned. I think they’re caving. You know Democrats are pretty good at articulating values, but a little weak on defending them” stated Gutierrez.

“I think we needed to stand tall on this issue. We said we wanted to set aside and put in a safe space 800,000 young people. Their lives are important. And let’s be clear. It is not about a wall. If it were about a wall, we would never had a government shutdown, and we would have been able to move forward.”

  • GreyHairandGreyMatter

    Johns Hopkins and Fairfield Universities

    Conversely, millions of other Americans and I would also like to think that perhaps the Dems are finally coming to the rational/equitable realization that the DACA issue can be satisfactorily resolved but concurrently we also need the four pillars of border security to include e-verify,
    Fred Harden III aka “GreyHairandGreyMatter”

    • l penn

      Right On!! All the DEMORATS care about is VOTER FRAUD, that’s the only way they get in office, time after time!! Putting OUR safety at risk is of NO concern to them!!

  • Wenda Kennedy

    Why do they care more about the DACA people than us American citizens? What is happening here? Is this our government?

    • Christiann

      Without God, the democrats are insane!

    • Tom

      It is now that Trump is our POTUS, if Hillary had been elected (by illegal immigrants) it would be run by illegal immigrants.

    • Jan Kenneally

      They need the votes!!!

  • Brandy Stewart

    I don’t understand how they will just cut the pay for government workers. The military over seas have to worry about their families. If the military is over fighting for your freedom (dems). Why not send the dems over there and let them fight for their own freedom. I am so sick of the bs to shut down the government. They are willing to shut down our government for illegal immigrants. I don’t care that they are dreamers. They should have already filled out the paperwork to be legalized. That’s not our problem. I think they all need to go back. If you don’t live here legally or born here they need to go. That’s any person that has a visa or here illegally then send them back. I back trump on this one.

  • Ischgabibble

    If this guy Gutierrez had any brains he would switch parties and become a Republican.

    • Tom

      We could say that about all of the dumb a$$ Democrats, we should just do away with the Democratic party.