Democrat Explains Why Trump Separated Families

Gov. Jay Inslee (D-WA) stated President Trump’s “zero-tolerance” immigration policy was a “diabolical scheme” which was to make the Trump look tough.

Inslee stated, “This has been a barbarous process from the beginning.”

“It has been a diabolical scheme and the president playing chess — you know, he’s sort of been willing to sacrifice a few pawns, which are these children — in his effort to, I guess, look as tough as he wants to be.”

“We are grossly dissatisfied with the government’s response. They have given us nothing but inaccurate information. They’ve gone so far last week to suggest that they would consider just placing these children with foster parents, as a reunification plan.”

  • Frick

    People should NOT come to this country uninvited!!!!!



  • Bud William

    Hey Gov, why don’t you get your crap straight. You did not shoot your mouth off when your Boy OB was doing the same thing. You must think like a Communist instead of an American. You want a 3d rate country like the rest?

  • Rodney

    And this ass-clown is speaking in terms to do what? Trump is enforcing the laws on the books, which is the intent when laws are passed

    • Tony Barreda

      The odiousness and ineptnes, from trump down, is insane and totally unstructured. They did not know how babies and other children had been ripped from their parents. They did not which child belonged to which parent. They were ill prepared on caring for babies in adding, how to handle emotional trauma.

      • Yorgi1950

        The parents are the ones who ripped their children FROM THEMSELVES!!!! The buck stops at the top, and in this case, THE PARENTS ARE THE TOP!!! It is their responsibility, and theirs alone, to PROTECT THEIR CHILDREN, until the children are old enough to protect themselves. Do we teach our children to play in the streets? NO, we tell them not to. Do we teach our children to steal? NO, we tell them not to.
        Do we teach our children to break the law? NO, we teach them to OBEY THE LAW! The parents who drag their children across our border (BREAKING THE LAW) are the IRRESPONSIBLE PARENTS! THEY HAVE NOBODY TO BLAME BUT THEMSELVES!!! DO THE CRIME, SERVE THE TIME! PERIOD, END OF STORY!!!

      • Rodney

        Well, the 9th Circus Court of Appeals shouldn’t have mandated the child separation in their judgement then (many years prior to Trump becoming president).

      • Raymond James Thibault

        That all falls on the person who dragged the child in. Some of them arn’t the parents. grow up.

        • Tony Barreda

          You are essentially saying that Mary and Jesus, Moses and Europeans who fled from vicious governments, poverty should not have taken a Child, families and babies away from danger. That they too, should have been separated.

          • Raymond James Thibault

            You are comparing apples and oranges. No sense talking to you.

  • Eugene Verkner

    Trump’s “diabolical scheme” separating children from the adult lock up started in the 1990’s with the Clinton administration. How long does Gov. Jay think Trump has been President? Since the ’90’s?

    • Rodney

      Let’s not overlook that it was the 9th Circus of hardcore leftist judges that ruled the children HAVE to be separated.

      • June Gagnon

        Another incidence of black robes thinking they “can make law”, from the bench.

  • kbmiller

    These Leftist A$$WIPES, as usual have absolutely NO IDEA what they’re talking about. But they care not, as their voting base is so f’n ignorant that they know less than the LIARS LYING to them !!!


    Our Great President Mr TRUMP is been attacked by All forces of evil in the camp of the demonRats . But We the Deplorables have the Big gun , “PRAYING” . I am asking to all of You to constantly talk to & pray to GOD the Father & Jesus the Son to protect & guide our President .
    Lets do it to MAGA , & vote TRUMP’s type of Republicans everywhere all the time except paul ryan & mitch mcconnell .
    mueller is not only corrupt , evil & traitor , he’s a thief , he’s after the money he’s cashing in & will streach it as long as he can .
    Mr Sessions why are You NOT doing your job & fire rosenstein & mueller & all the other creepy crooks .

  • TheRealLibertarian

    Let’s talk diabolical schemes. Illegal immigrants bring their children here? There’s step one, federal custody so they are safe, then the kids get sent to live with relatives already in the US. Step one complete. So then the parents who choose to get deported without their children…the children, qualify for welfare and other government programs and then they get naturalized and sponsor their parents here through chain migration. Then the whole fam is here again. Step two and three complete. This is the way the Democrats can try to keep power by being the champions of their new minority majority, since blacks have awakened to the fact they are not bound to vote for these liberal maniacs.

  • R Parten

    Geez Jay, funny how you didn’t say a thing when it happened under Obama! Spoken like a true leftist!

  • Free America

    If upholding our laws is appearing TOUGH than God bless the tough guy. .

  • William

    Inslee, Like the VAST Majority of Democrats, keep spreading Lie, after Lie, after LIE! These democrats are under the belief that, “If They Keep Telling A Lie, Over & Over & Over Again, There WILL Be People Who Will Believe It!” In November, we have the opportunity to Vote-Out ALL Democrats and RINOs!

  • Finder1009

    Jay is an idiot from my state. his views havent changed much in many years.

  • Richard Gieser

    Confused Democrats keep complaining about Trump enforcing Democrat passed laws.

  • Richard Gieser

    Islee, Jerry brown mad Maxine and all the other loser libs should be in Gitmo.

  • GetReal4U2

    wow…these “dims” sure do like to lie a lot…

    TRUMP 2020!

  • DonRS

    And what, pray tell, is Gov. Enslie’s immigration plan? Let’s just make sure all illegal immigrants are transported to Oregon, particularly Ensile’s neighborhood – surely that would be his fondest dream!

  • John D Lite

    Sounds good to me. Tell them to stay in Mexico and make Mexico Great Again

  • Jmanjo

    Democrat dumb bell. The children were separated from the adults because they do not lock up kids with criminals in jail . What an idiot! Is this the best Washington has to offer! LOL

  • justdave

    Isn’t this the guy that won the election by conveniently finding a ballot box in the trunk of a car? If your election was that close, then it’s a good idea to think before you spout off. Not every registered voter in WA is a flaming liberal.

  • Estell Newton

    He’s brain dead. He had to obey the law that was passed in the Clinton era. O’bama obey it and no one complained about him enforcing the law. So the liberals need to stop their crocodile tears and stop their nonsense.

  • Maria Pura

    Gov Inslee, you know that immigration is a problem for the United States for a long time
    and nobody wants to solve the problem. Now that Pres. Trump is solving the problem, you criticized him instead of helping him for the sake of our country. Make a suggestions not criticized. Any suggestions? So that we can solve this problem for good and everybody is
    happy. Suggests to Pres. Trump.

  • Big Ed

    Democrats are miraculously stupid-first they demand that every aspect of our lives is covered by a rule or a law. They tell us how much water we can use to flush our toilets, they say how much we should eat and what we should eat, they say how much electricity we can use to light our homes, they tell us what we’re supposed to know and what we are not allowed to know and they tell us how much money we get to keep and how much has to be made available for our neighbors. After they get it all laid out, they sort us into two groups, those who have to follow all rule and laws and who can safely ignore those rules and laws. They passed a law which says illegals can’t come here-but, of course, we all know they actually can if they bring a kid with them (it don’t have to be their kid-just any kid). There are also rules that say non-citizens can’t vote-unless they want to vote for a Democrat. It’s called the rule of law and law’s exceptions.

  • chronovisor

    here’s a thought IF you don’t want to be separated from you children-DON”T come here ILLEGALY! I thought his libturd governor win election under a cloud of suspicion?????

  • Tom

    I live in Washington State, unfortunately. Jay Inslee is completely brain dead. This maniac is one of a long train of idiot Demo-rats that have created the problems we face. Seattle is a cesspool of drug addicts and they call them “homeless”. Further the only people that vote Demo-rat live in King county (Seattle). So here we go, visit Seattle and you will see “homeless” dopers pissing and shitting in storefront doorways. Further, look at the homeless camps along the parking strips in the Ballard area; used to be a nice neighborhood. Don’t believe a word out of Inlee’s ugly face or any other Demo-rat from this state

    • metheoldsarge

      He is very cunning and far from brain dead. As long as those welfare checks and food stamps keep coming he will have job security. He gets re-elected because he knows how to play his constituents. Too many underestimate him and he knows how to use that to his advantage. Contrary to popular belief, he has more between his ears besides air. The real brain dead air heads are those that keep re-electing him.

  • Raymond James Thibault

    What Part of ILLEGAL doesn’t this idiot understand. It insults all those Immigrants who come legally and do all they need to, to become citizens. GET OFF THE DRUGS>

    • metheoldsarge

      He understands all too well about illegal. He also understands that legal immigrants don’t vote Democrat but illegals do.

  • Yes, it’s a diabolical scheme to thwart crime, the rape of American women, the waste of tax payer dollars, to hinder human trafficking, to obstruct the drug smugglers and drug trade, and to put a halt to many other illicit practices that are all to the detriment of American citizens and American families.

    A diabolical scheme indeed, for anything that anyone does to Make America Great Again is diabolical to those who welcome crime and the destruction of America.

  • June Gagnon

    Jay baby is simply another liberal mental incompetent, with a yarn to spin, trying to make himself sound “important”. The “diabolical scheme” he babbles about happens to be “the law of the land”. Like all other laws, if he doesn’t like it, he should “run for Congress” and try to change it, OR – -just STHU!

  • marcus J

    Legislation written by the Demonic Rats and signed by Slick Willy Clinton back in 1997, Then ruled on by the 9th circuit court of Judicial Activists , Children of illegal aliens caught invading our country cannot be detained with adults

  • marcus J

    The Modern National Democrats are Utopian Secular Socialists , Arrogant Angry Hateful Anti American Control Freaks Lacking any Ethical or Moral Boundaries , We The People have rejected Socialism and Communism when We elected an actual American , So Sorry Demonic Rats !!!