Did The Cohen Raid Have Anything To Do With Trump?

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) reacted to the recent raid on President Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen. Graham claims that the raid had little to do with President Trump and more to do with Cohen himself.

Graham stated, “Mueller charter is to look at collusion, coordination between the trump campaign in Russia. If there is any, I’ve seen no evidence of it. The reason the New York district of attorney was given this case is it’s about Cohen, not Trump. He borrowed money against his own house to pay the legal obligation of another person. That’s probably not kosher. If there was anything about Cohen and Russia affecting the president, Mueller would have never given it to the district attorney in New York. So, I’m 100 percent confident that they found something that reflects on Cohen, not Russia and Trump.”

  • Maggie Cadden

    This whole collusion witch hunt was thought by the disgusting swamp rats in DC. They are sending a message to any non-politician that if you run for President in our new banana republic, any friends or family who dare to help you will be destroyed by the swamp rat army in DC. The FBI used to be considered the one of the best law enforcement groups in the world. Now they are like Hitler’s gestapo or Soviet KGB.

    • Tom

      I agree, he whole FBI needs to be revamped, they are a disgrace to the American people.

      • RC

        I agree. The best I can recall, the FBI has never been investigated. And if the Socialists masquerading as Democrats and some Republicans get their way I feel our country will be lost. It’ll no doubt become a Communist dictatorship.

        • Tom

          We’re in complete agreement.

    • devilindetail

      Oh get real Maggie. The ones who invented the “deep state” is the far right who wanted to pretend the kind of nonsense you spout. Let the feds do their job. If Trump has nothing to hide, why does he continually act like he does? He won’t even have a sit down with Mueller now. Seems he worries about incriminating himself. I’ll just bet you never complained about the investigation of Hillary or of Benghazi (which was far longer and never found anything). It seems the attitude toward investigations by the right is very one sided.

      • Fed Up With Politicians

        They hid all the evidence against Hillary!! They did not convict her before they heard the evidence!! You need to stop smoking the weed!!!

        • devilindetail

          Oh grow up. Hide what evidence? The inability to convict is now complicity to ignore? Stop believing what you want and start seeking the truth in reality, not the recesses of your hinder parts.

      • Free America

        Careful what you wish for. You may find Democrats behind it all. If the FBI quits hiding the e-mails Nunes asked for lots of folks will be going to jail. I am sure you are aware of the Steel dossier.Just have to cut thru the corrupt FBI and DOJ.

        • devilindetail

          Of course I am aware of the Steele dossier. Some of it has been confirmed to be correct. Some was stated to be “unconfirmed” in the dossier itself. The only ones calling the DOJ and FBI corrupt are the hardline GOP people like Nunes (a Trump sycophant); Fox News (a Trump tool) and Trump himself. Even many in the GOP leadership haven’t labeled the FBI and the DOJ as corrupt, just because they don’t like them investigating Trump and his pre-election activities. When all is said and done, it seems there is a strong likelihood, serious violations of the law by Trump will be uncovered. Just wait and see. Mueller should have something concrete by summer. As for Trump’s earlier statements like, “I don’t know any Russians”, we are clearly beginning to realize what BS that really was and now we need to find out how many other lies he told the public.

          • Free America

            My belief in the corruption of the DOJ and FBI is based soley on what is happening in the country. I would NEVER put any value on what a politician believes.I started to see this when Obama came on the scene. I had bee a Democrat for years. I started researching this man from nowhere and did not like what I found. I told many people what I found out but they rely on the news and as you know the media covered for this man then and now. How is Mueller investigation have any legitimacy when his commission is filled by Clinton people? Would you feel the same way if it was reversed? Time will tell which one of us got it right.

      • Collie

        You gotta be smoking something.

        • devilindetail

          Fresh air, what’s in your pipe?

      • bob

        Let Mueller answer the question , what is the charge he is bringing against the President. When he can state it then the President MIGHT consider talking to him.
        Why talk about Allegations.
        Mueller is on a fishing expedition, trying to find something which after all the investigating committees in Congress & his own 1-1/2 investigation have turned up NOTHING ON TRUMP.

        • devilindetail

          Turned up nothing? How about the conflicting stories about Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian about dirt on Hillary that good ol Daddy tried to write the script about? How about Paul Manafort’s connections with Russian oligarch’s and Rick Gates communication with Russians. How about George Papadopoulos knowledge about DNC hacks before it was ever common knowledge and his comments to that effect to higher ups in the campaign. How about the very obvious comments by Trump himself during the campaign about Russian hacking, and specifically changes in campaign tactics to fit the Russian bot efforts to swing the election in what became swing states? How about Trump’s unwillingness to address Russian interference in the US elections or punishing of Russia? How about the efforts of Michael Flynn to drop Russian sanctions leading up to Trump’s inauguration? How about Michael Flynn’s connection to Russia? The truth is Mueller has carried out his investigation exactly the way an investigation is supposed to be carried out, without leaks and release of information about his findings. You have NO IDEA what Mueller has collected, but trust me there is far, far more that has been found then you know about. Just knowing Trump how Trump behaves, that life is all about me, it is not going to be a pretty picture of his activities prior to the election or after it. This is a man who doesn’t really care about what he does because he always thinks there is a way he can get out of facing the consequences, including by telling his base repeatedly, just like Nixon did, this is a witch hunt. Look up witch hunt. It is nothing of the sort.

      • bob

        The Hillary &Benghazi iinvestigation NEVER had all the facts or information before the ” swamp people investigating & protecting her came out”.
        Why was she NEVER sworn in
        under oath on any of her testimony. Because that way she could LIE & all those questioning her could say they believed her.
        Comey wasn’t even present when she was questioned.
        He read a summary of notes
        taken by his criminal staff.
        No swearing under oath , no recording of the questioning,
        just bullshit opinions of what
        they interrupted what she said
        & what they wanted to hear.

      • Viet

        Trump does not need to sit with Mu-ler, Mu-ler was from S team… Benghazi must be reinvestigated to see who t s were covering up???

        • devilindetail

          Man are you out there. Mueller is from the S team? Are you sure it isn’t the Z or X team? Benghazi was investigated to death by Republicans over years. Nothing found. What is left to investigate, rumors? Sean Hannity suggestions? Fox News innuendos? Give me a break.

          • Viet

            Nothjing found because “COVER UP”

    • rivahmitch

      Yep, and they’re not alone. Consider DOJ as a whole, BLM, the IRS, ATF and all the other arms of the muslim/marxists gestapo. They ALL need to be cleaned out. Fora quick start, every SES employee in all of them should NOT have their contracts renewed (as required every two years). Then see how deep beneath that level the rot extends.

  • Joe Pewter

    graham only trying to be half honest …still makes him nothing but swamp..mueller is lying swamp scum…comey is..many more congress should stop mueller..prosecute many leftists..clintons obama …GOP needs to find honorability…do government work properly NOW!!

  • Agostino

    Missing from Graham’s “analysis” is the fact that the raid clearly violated the 4th and 6th Amendments. He seems to be saying that the fruit of the poisonous tree tastes good. Alan Dershowitz gives a much clearler analysis.

  • Jim Mcclanahan

    The truth of the article comes into question, with the repeated referral to the district attorney of New York. In Fact it was the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York. That is a huge difference. Not the least of which is federal versus state charges.

  • xingqin

    Your reasoning does not make sense Graham—-Mueller was supposed to be seeking ties to prove collusion with Russia by Trump and he failed and he has not business going on wild goose chases and trying to find other faults that has nothing to do with what he was hired for. He is not a prosecuter nor even an FBI agent—He is a mere asshole chosen to try to overthrow our government.

  • Sid sees her

    Why would anybody believe anything that Graham says? Remember, he was in bed with John McCain to say the least.

    • Viet

      I voted for John because I do know O is worthless! but John and Grass Ham are now not good

  • Harry Bosch

    The FBI needs to be taken down, for all those rank and file that don’t come forward of all the wrong doing you are partly the blame not just the top brass. Once considered the top law enforcement agency in world now the toilet enforcement of the dirty political class.

  • rivahmitch

    Like virtually everything emitted from Graham’s mouth, this comment is virtual BS. Examine even his justification for the investigation of Comey. How can it be illegal to use your own money to pay “the legal obligation” of another or for any other purpose? As long as the money was his and was used to pay a “legal obligation” (or for any other legitimate purpose, why is it even the government’s business?

  • rick meek

    Graham is a typical **itbag and needs to be removed from the planet….